Filling Diapers

My poop fetish has been evolving of late and I couldn’t find a happy medium. At first my play involved on the floor and then moved into my undies. I didnt care for the mess and ruinin panties. I have loads that are on the softer mushy side and a chubby bum so my poop sticks to my cheeks. I finally decided to settle on nice snug pull up type diapers. At first I enjoyed peeing in them but I must have a huge bladder because I overfill diapers and then worry about leakage. For the past two days I have been able to go home at lunchtime and pull on a diaper and let go of a nice hot load. Today was unexpected, I hadn’t already planned to do it so as I finished my meal I felt the need. I quickly emptied my bladder and determined that I did have a full bowel. I pulled on a snug pull up and my denim mini skirt and pushed a bit. I have to be in just the right position to push the load out. I leaned over the bathroom counter and beared down. I felt the push of my soft, warm load empty into the diaper. Immediately I felt the pressure in my belly go away. I had more…another push and the ooze of my soft, mushy poopy load filled the bottom of the diapy. Mmmmmmm, i stood up and walked around reaching around to feel my load with my hand, patting my full bottom. I felt there was more but when I bore down pee escaped and I didnt want to deal with it. I wished I had more time to enjoy and sit down. I was afraid that if I sat it would seep out the side and ruin my skirt. I kneeled down on the carpet and relaxed. I then got up and pulled up my skirt and sat my full diapered ass on the bayhroom counter and sat there. I just relaxed and visualized myself enjoying a moment with a diapered pal. Feeling it squish around my ass and how warm it felt.. There was only a slight odor as the smell was contained by the tight diaper. Ahhhhhh truly a relaxin moment that I look forward to having more of. I felt there was more so I stood up and decided to sit diapered on the toilet, I knew pushing would release my warm piss. As I sat this triggered my mind to release, a flow of warm fluid emptied into my diaper and I finally pushed out the last bit of warm poo. I rocked back and forth enjoying the mess I surely had in my bottom. I decided It was time to clean up and stpped in my shower to undo my diaper. I opened it to find a huge dark soft shit filled diaper of wonderfulness. I put it in a garbage bag and looked at the shit smeared all over my curvy, bum. Mmmmmmm… It took alot of wipes , a nice warm soapy washcloth to clean it all up. I cant wait unt I can fill one the entire day alone and not just 20 minutes.

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  1. Great story Mimi, thanks for sharing! I’ve been dying to find a partner to do this with as well. A time when we can spend the whole day just going in our pants or diapers, and enjoying how warm and soft it feels – both in our own pants and knowing that our partner was feeling it as well. I look forward to your next post!

  2. I know just what you are writting about, to enjoy the fealing of filling a diaper, ya I to wish I had a buddy to enjoy with

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