Filled up

Hi there I have loved having accidents since I was a teenager. In high school I had a few bad days when I tried to hold it in and I pooped my pants. I never shared this but one morning I came in looking hot black mini skirt and black pantyhose low cut blouse. By the way absolutely love wearing nylons or tights when I really got to go. Girls would take fiber pills or sometimes even laxatives to lose weight and I would load up and then top it off with plenty of fiber. By the time I got up in the morning I could not even lay down I was holding it bad. Anyway first hour I’m rubbing legs together trying not to be obvious the intention was to go to the bathroom eventually. Those hard wood desks actually great for sitting there and keeping a lid on it. So bell rings I go to my locker and it is an emergency but the problem now I have band second hour and no way no how can I run to the bathroom and get all the way to band on time. So funny when you have to walk and you are holding a huge load, taking quick baby steps felt so nice though to be desperate hand place on pantyhose covered leg when I have to stop and crouch a bit.
Walk into music room go to shelf with music folder and I am starting to sweat hands shaking every one is looking at me now when the room quiets down. So make it to case and sit down ready to EXPLODE. Sitting there trumpet on lap rubbing hands on knees so much my God no question now I got to get out of there now. Band starts and director is passing out new music and I am holding my breath letting out little noises hot and such a rush knowing its go time. I get handed a stack of sheet music and I am supposed to pass it down the row NO WAY I stand up hunched over but sticking out tight little black skirt first step around a couple of music stands and it came I slapped my legs together and grabbed my butt and felt such a huge pile coming out just absolutely filling my panties just a huge mushy load covering my whole but as I held my hand there like it would fall on the floor. I let out a noise when it happened like an “Ohhhh” so everybody turned and seen me. When it happens I do like to put my hand there and feel my panties fill up. With legs held firmly just keeps everything in back. Sooooo the look on my face was shock must be it all came out so fast not loose just soooo much I used both hands to hold it up no since in ruining a good pair of pantyhose to. I started baby steps quickly and very small steps toward the door and up 5 steps. That does suck to walk up steps when you pooped your pants.

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  1. If I saw that happen to a girl when I was in High School I would’ve asked here out the morning after. And I’m so shy there’s no way I would ask a girl out in normal circumstances, but this kind of motivation could make me do anything.

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