fetish dream part 2

i’m deciding to put the post here too so people can see it here, I posted it to forums in diapers and abdl, anyway, here’s my post

first off, let me just say; if you haven’t already seen part 1 of this post, look at it first before reading this one (http://www.wetpantsboy.com/stories/another-fetish-dream/).

But for those of you who remember the story, here’s the second part of it, i’m sorry it’s long overdue but I only recently had the dream with the same girls. So the dream started when I called one of the 2 girls who i met in the dream last time. So I first called the brunette girl (who wore baby diapers), her name was Lessa, Lessa and I had talked on the phone for about 10 minutes. We had discussed going to the movies and also to an amusement park. Next i called the blonde girl (who wore adult diapers) and her name was Cassie, i talked to her on the phone for about the same amount of time. I had decided to meet them back at their house before discussing the plan for the rest of the day. Cassie and Lessa lived in Valencia CA, Socal baby!!! And so we had decided to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain after seeing a movie. I had been down in Valencia for the week so I went to visit them. Part of the conversation I had with Lessa went like this; “hey Lessa, how’s it going?” “good babe, how are you?” “i’m doing good, hey listen, i’m down in the area for the week so i was hoping maybe we could go see a movie and then go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, or we could just skip the movie and go straight to Magic Mountain” “yeah that’d be awesome” said Lessa, “can you meet Cassie and I here in about 20 minutes?” and i said “sure, no problem” “great, see you then” said Lessa. Then I called Cassie, our conversation went like this; “hey Cassie, how are ya?” “i’m good, just relaxing with Lessa” she said “sounds good, hey listen, I’m coming over there real quick, I just spoke to Lessa and she said that’d be cool” “yeah, sounds great, see you then” said Cassie “oh and one more thing” i added “i ran out of diapers so could you guys supply some?” Cassie said “no problem at all, we have plenty”.

So I went over to their house which was in downtown Valencia CA. When I got there, they greeted me at the front door. “hey you, it’s been forever” they both said and gave me a big hug. So when I got inside, we discussed the plan about what we were going to do, eventually we had all decided to just go to Six Flags Magic Mountain and skip going to the movies. So I hung out at their house for a bit, we all bought our tickets online so we could just walk in when we got to the park. Before we got our tickets, we smoked a little weed that they had, it was a sativa dominant strain so we wouldn’t get tired at the park, the name of it was Jack Herer. After we smoked, we bought our tickets, printed them out, and then proceeded to put on diapers for the day. Cassie and I both wore a Tena Slip Maxi while Lessa wore a pampers cruisers size 6 with a goodnites pullup over it for extra protection, we brought along a few extra diapers just in case we needed them. We all left in their car to drive to the park. They had a 2006 Nissan Altima, very nice car. It took us about a half hour to get to Magic Mountain from where they lived (without traffic). As we found a spot in the parking lot, we all looked over at the many rides they had at the park. The funny thing was, they were less experienced with the rides I like to go on which have lots of inversions. Lessa said to me “are we gonna go on all those rides?” in a nervous tone and i said “we’re definitely gonna try to, what’s wrong? are you scared?” she said “kinda, we haven’t really been on too many inverted rides”. I said “just relax and try to have fun, we are wearing diapers don’t forget so i think we should be good” we all laughed. When we got to the front gate, we gave them our tickets and proceeded into the park. We walked around for a while until I found a ride that we could all go on and sit together. I found the batman ride which goes in reverse.

As we walked up to it, i said to Lessa and Cassie “are you 2 alright to do this?” they both nodded yes so we went to the line. The ride has rows of 4 seats but one of the outermost seats wasn’t working so there were only 3 working seats where we sat. I sat in the middle and Cassie and Lessa sat on either side of me. As we waited for the ride to start, I said to them “hold my hands, it’ll help you be less nervous, and close your eyes if you need to”. So Cassie held my left hand and Lessa held my right hand. They had hands of an angel, very soft and delicate. So then the ride started and i said “well here we go” as the ride started backwards up the lift hill. As we were ascending up the lift hill, I could tell they were both very nervous but also excited, they both trusted me that this was going to be a fun ride, even if it was somewhat scary. They both held my hands for the duration of the ride, and for about half the time their eyes were open and the other half they were closed. When we got off the ride, they both said they had fun, and both girls had wet. Cassie said “well there goes the lemonade from earlier” we all laughed.

They were both good to go on another ride so I lead them to a ride called full throttle. The seats on full throttle only have rows of 2 so one of the girls had to volunteer to go with me first, Lessa was the first to volunteer. When we got off the ride, it was clear that Lessa had fun because she screamed enthusiastically at Cassie “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS, IT’S SO MUCH FUN”. So then Cassie went on with me and also had fun. When Cassie and I got off the ride, we all had to find somewhere to change. Because we were all pretty self-conscious about changing in public, we got our hands stamped, left the park, and changed in the car. We talked in the car for a while before going back to the park, and lit up a little more. Upon re-entering the park, Lessa and Cassie said they were hungry, as was i, so we found a place to eat. We sat down to eat and talked about our experience so far. Cassie said “wow, both rides were so much fun, when did you learn to conquer your fear of these rides?” and i replied “i conquered my fear of them last year when i went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, took barely any time to get used to” “i can imagine” Cassie replied. Lessa said she also had a lot of fun, she preferred full throttle over the batman ride because she wasn’t crazy about the idea of going backwards, she said “i don’t know, it just seems weird to me going backwards, it was still fun though”.

Cassie told Lessa and I that she wet partially out of fear and partially out of excitement. After we ate, I took them to a ride that didn’t have any inversions, it was called Superman; Escape from Krypton. It was a ride that also went backwards but had the choice of free-falling backward and launching forward or vice versa. Lessa seemed more comfortable with the idea of going backwards with no inversions so we went on the first option which was to be launched forwards and free-fall backwards. The ride had rows of 4 seats and one of them wasn’t working so we took advantage of that again. They both held my hands again and enjoyed the ride, at that brief 2 seconds of zero G, our diapers had lifted off us a little bit lol. Then we proceeded to launch backward and free-fall forward. We all went on the ride in each direction one more time before finding another ride. The next ride we went on was a steel roller coaster called Goliath, with the beginning drop measuring at 235’ and a top speed of 85mph. They both liked this ride a lot because it didn’t have any backwards motion or inversions.

After we got off Goliath, we decided we’d go on each ride one more time before leaving the park, so we did. When we left the park, we drove back to their house, Cassie drove and I sat in the back with Lessa. Before we left to drive back to their house, we smoked a bit more and then Lessa downed a 24oz pepsi cause she was thirsty. About half way through the ride home, we ran into traffic, and at this point Lessa was bursting to go so she put on another pullup over the other one with the pampers cruisers size 6 as the very first diaper. She actually flooded all of the diapers and started to leak. She wasn’t really embarrassed because we were in the car and she’s had that happen before, also being a DL, she was turned on by it. She was feeling horny after she wet herself and wanted me to turn her on more, so she grabbed my hand and had me rub her wet diapers, her nipples became hard and she moaned loudly with pleasure, she screamed aloud “OH YES, YES, HARDER BABY” it turned me on as well, and I could tell Cassie was getting jealous. When we got back to their house, we proceeded to the couch so I could do the same with Cassie. I made them both cum pretty intensely, they loved me for it. I asked them “was that the first time you’ve ever had a guy do that?” and they both replied “yeah, every other guy we’ve met shunned us for being DLs”. After making them both cum, we headed to the shower to fill up the diapers some more. We were all in the shower for about 30 minutes, 15 minutes was filling up the diapers and the other 15 was more casual foreplay.

After showering, we called in a pizza for all of us. When the pizza came, we put it in a place that it would remain warm and proceeded to smoking a blunt, it was about 6:30pm when we smoked it, it was rolled with an indica strain because it was night time, it was rolled with a strain called Girl Scout cookies. Despite all of us being experienced with weed, the blunt got us glued to the couch, i actually had to pull Lessa and Cassie off the couch at one point so we could eat the pizza. At about 8:30pm, we decided to smoke a little more before going to bed, this time we smoked from a glass pipe. After smoking, we wound down for the night. We changed into new diapers, i put on a tena slip maxi again, Cassie wore a molicare super plus, and Lessa wore the same pampers with goodnites over it.

I got into bed with them in the same way we rode the rides, Cassie to my left, and Lessa to my right, i massaged their hands until sleepiness took us over. When we woke up the next morning, i made them breakfast and we watched some cartoons, all 3 of us loved Spongebob Squarepants so we watched a few episodes of that. After we watched tv, i said goodbye and headed out the door, they both gave me a big hug and some kisses before i left, Lessa turned to me before i left and said “definitely come back and visit since you’re going to be here for a few more days” and i said “i definitely will, yesterday was a blast” Cassie then said “i’m glad you came back to visit us, meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to us” “likewise sweetie” i replied as i smiled. I walked out the front door and the dream ended there. I’m sorry if this is much longer than part 1 but hopefully you guys will enjoy it anyway.

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