Female Audience

I love making videos and posting them on this site.  My only issue is I just wish I knew I actually had a female audience.  I know this is “wetpantsBOY” and the vast majority of people on here are dudes, but it feels like even the small of amount of females on here are basically ghosts.  I also kinda understand why that may be so though too.  Dudes can get really creepy and demanding when it comes to stuff like this.  I don’t know.  Maybe with the new site up in running in a few days things will be different.  It’s just frustrating not being able to share this fetish with any girls.  Every girl I’ve been close to shot down the idea.  Don’t get me wrong though.. I don’t mind sharing these videos with all the dudes on here too.  Everyone on here is super nice.  It’d just be a lot more enjoyable to actually have some interaction with girls too.

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  1. Be encouraged, be hopeful, there are lots of females out there and a few of them are waiting for a woman like you to share everything. Continual postings in various categories will make you more visible and more likely to meet a partner. Thank you for your previous postings.

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