Felt so good

Yeah so the other week I was feeling really horny and up for scat play so I put on these tight boxers that I like to wear when I shit myself and I kelt down on the bathroom floor knees as wide as they could go arched my back and pushed my arse down and then at first let the shit slowly creap out all most teasing myself and then I pushed it all out as hard as I could the first part was quite hard and I could feel my boxers getting tighter as the shit filled up then it went like a moose and you could hear it as slide up my arse and at this point it had started to fill up around my balls … Once it was all out I just sat there for a bit kneeing on the floor my pants full of shit, I then stood up and pushed my legs together and bum cheeks forcing it further around my balls and all under by cheeks and around my thighs it was all still warm as well !! So then I step in the bath and slide them off it was everywhere I lay on my back and pressed my pants against my face it was so smooth and still warm I lay there with them on my face and wanked myself so hard I cam so quick and so hard that I had cum all most touching my neck !!

Let me know what you think !! 😉

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  1. I wish I was there to play with you and suck your cock and smell the shit while I suck you.

  2. Been there and done that. When I fill my pants, my dick feels like it is made of steel. After I blow my wad, I just like to lay there for a long time enjoying the feeling before I get cleaned up. Sometimes I walk over to the lake and spend hours with the poop in my pants while walking, wading, sitting and swimming. Wow, I’m gettin’ hard just thinkin’ about it! I will probably do that this week sometime but waiting for a “big” load to do first. One time I shot my wad and I was so hot, some of it hit me in my face and I got some in my mouth. Sounds like you had lots of fun too. Wish we could have been there together!

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