Fart in public ( or Poop yourself in public)

I always like it to fart in public (especially in the classroom) drop those super stinky farts, and leave your underwear a little dirty lol. But my best fart happened when I was in high school, (That day I had eaten about 4 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, and the night before I had pasta with cheese and cabbage salad) so I had a lot of gas, I think I farted every minute. (some farts were long and silent and others were wet farts)

on the way to school my friend was complaining about a rotten smell (he did not know it was me lol ).

in the classroom the situation got worse, teacher had to open the windows the funny thing is that they didn’t find out it was me.

on the way home, I tried to fart a little bit louder and ended up let a skidmark in my underwear.

i´ll never forget that day.

if you like to fart message me anytime.

My friend once shit in his underwear in the classroom, I think it was in the fifth grade haha.

i like to poop myself too if you like it message me .

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