Fantasy – you force me to wet myself

Warning: This story is a fantasy between myself and a transman and using the words dick/cock and cunt to describe his technically female anatomy.  If you have a problem with that please refrain from leaving transphobic comments and just don’t read my story.  For everyone else, if this story gets you hard/wet please leave a comment letting me know and I will continue to post stories like this one in the future.  🙂


So we are out, having a great time, drinking, dancing etc.  We are getting a little touchy feely on the dance floor and kiss a bit.  I’m starting to feel really, really good. But the beer is starting to get to me and I have to go to the bathroom.  But you dont want me to.  You want me to wait so you can watch me squirm a little bit because it turns you on.  So I’m a good girl for you and I hold it.  We continue to have a good time, the whole time you knowing that I am holding it for you.

We decide to go home and I am getting really desperate now.  You are dilly dallying and I know you’re doing it on purpose to make me wait longer.  I stop and squeeze my legs together to deal with the growing pressure and you give me a devilish look.  And tell me I better hold it because I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble if I have an accident. You press up against me a bit and kiss me and I can feel that you’re a little hard.  Maybe you really are into this too.  I continue to scurry along. 

As we get up to the house I am really struggling to hold on but so turned on at the same time.  I can feel my pussy getting wet and I feel myself getting flushed and excited.  You are taking your time to find the keys and I am jumping up and down almost in a panic.  You find them but drop them on the ground “accidentally” and it’s practically pitch black.  I can tell you are really starting to get into this whole thing.  As you are looking for them I’m telling you how desperate I am and how, “if you don’t fucking hurry up I’m gonna wet myself.”  You tell me in a very strong voice if I talk to you like that again I’m gonna regret it.  I say “sorry, sir” and you find the keys. 

As you put the keys in the door I get a deer caught in headlights look.  You say, “oh, you better not have.”  And I start to whimper a little bit.  A little bit came out and I’m mortified.  I wet my panties but not enough to get in my jeans yet.  But you are super mad at me.  I’m acting like a little girl not holding it in like that and you are gonna have to punish me.  You grab me by the arm and practically throw me into the apt. 

Right there in the entrance way in my wet panties you make me get down on my knees and you pull down your own pants.  You’re going to punish me but first I need to give you a blow job. I beg you, “please, let me go to the bathroom!  More is going to come out.  I’m so sorry I couldnt hold it.  Please let me go!” I‘m practically crying. But you say, “no way” and shove your hard cock into my mouth.  You are practically choking me and I’m having a hard time concentrating on not wetting myself further.  You are really getting into it.  Fucking my face and feeling like a real man with me on my knees. 

You  tell me to fuck your cunt while I’m sucking on your cock but I’m using my hand to squeeze myself so I don’t have an accident.  I’m scared to reach up and you interpret my hesitation as me not listening to you.  You get really mad and grab my hair and pull me back and yell, “do what I tell you bitch!” and I get scared for a second and a little bit more pee comes out.  You can see a wet spot forming in the crotch of my jeans now and you are so mad with me.  You make me fuck your cunt and suck you off till you almost have cum. 

But you pull back just before you do and see that as you’ve been in ecstasy you haven’t noticed the small puddle forming at your feet.  Now you are enraged.  That’s it.  No more games.  You are done.  I am a dirty little pee slut and I need to be punished.  You slam me down onto the cold linoleum floor and rip off my filty piss covered jeans.  Sluts need to be punished and you whip out your dick and force yourself deep into my pussy without any warning.  I practically scream as the added pressure almost makes me lose everything left in my bladder but almost as if you’re reading my mind you tell me if I pee on your dick I am really going to regret it.  

I try to hold back.  I really do.  I am trying to be a good girl for you.  But it’s so hard.  I am so full.  And you are being really, really forceful.  I can tell you are getting close but I am getting close to losing it too.  Just before you’re able to cum I start to leak on you.  You can tell in a second it’s not my cum and you get enraged.  You have my piss on your dick.  You are so mad.  I am a disgusting dirty slut.  You force me over onto my hands and knees and you start to spank my ass really, really hard.  Then you force yourself into me from behind and really fuck the shit out of me, because I’m a bad girl and I need to get fucked and hurt.  You are hurting me and I beg for you to stop but you don’t. 

You wont till you have your fill.  But you are getting really turned on and you cant hide that even from me and you grunt that you’re about to cum.  You pull out just as you cum all over my ass.  You slump over me for a moment and then stand up.  Looking down at me with disgust but also a hint of pleasure and approval.  You leave me there to take a shower and for me to clean up the mess…

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  1. Thank you!!! This is so hot. I like that your readers can place themselves on "top" or on the "bottom" depending upon the equipment they were born with, the equipment they would like to have been born with, or their mood—a win, win, win scenario if ever there was one!!!

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