A story that continues on….. My desires are to be changed. It’s a form of infantilism. I seek out in stores pretty girls with soft hands and a cute face as those are the girls I want to touch me in a diaper change or wipe me. Fantasy of being changed in the bathroom. I did a load at school and she came to the school to change me. I am wearing underpants and she removes the dirty, mess off my body to reveal a tremendous chunky mess that needs immediate wiping. She starts and it feels so wonderful to be changed by a mommie girl . She takes the mess pants and places them in a bag to take home for washing out the poop. That’s one fantasy. The other is I am at a store in the mall and see a girl behind a fragrance counter with beautiful soft skin and awesome bracelets, rings, earings on and her face is total beautiful and then I see her hands. Instantly I am pushing trying to load my pants but instead I am wetting. Also acceptable to have wet stains around a pretty girl…one the could potentially change my pants. She is busy waiting on people so I get glimpses of her and all of a sudden she looks my way and sees the wet stain and tells her co-worker to look at me. Shortly I can tell they are talking about me because they have smiles on their faces. Makes me happy I am being noticed and so I make the telltale face of grunting so they can surmise that I am now doing a #2 in my pants too. The number two comes out with some more urine and it is a giant LOAD of shit. Then all of my pee releases into my pants for an awesome wet stain all over my front side and down my leg on one side. I am in grey sweat pants so the stains and bulges are very visible.

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