Extreme Diarrhea (TRUE STORY!)

TRUE STORY! So this happened to me today(Aug. 28/2013) I drive a bus, and my stomach was aching. I didnt eat anything last night so i really dont know why. So another bus and I were killing some time, pulled over… when it hit me. I waited for him to pull off onto the busy, traffic filled road, then i pulled up and turned the bus a bit, so i could easily hide behind it. I shut off my interior lights, opened the door, then went out onto the side. I knew i couldnt hold this diarrhea in all morning, so I had to get rid of it. With a few of the tissues I had, I looked around, stood close to the bus so no one could see me, dropped my pants, bent over and aimed my ass, then unleashed a HUGE wave of light brown colored diarrhea all over the ground. All i could hear was gurgling sounds and farts as it exploded out of my ass, splattering on the ground. Luckily, it was raining, so when i drove back past it later in the day, it was gone. I took my 2 tissues, wiped my now-relaxed hole, threw them on the ground, and drove away. It felt SOOO amazing!

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  1. Shame you didn’t hold it and do it in your pants, that would have been an amazing story, all up your back and everything, I can see it now. 🙂 Bet you would have loved that too.

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