Had the day off today, and feeling horny since I woke up.  After I got ready and showered I decided I’d put on a new pair of white Hugo Boss briefs. Since my three cups of coffee had already filled my bladder I decided to immediately let a few spurts fly into the crotch of the briefs, leaving a nice slightly yellow wet patch showing the outline of my cock.

That was all for the morning, went to the mall after lunch, tried on some pants at a few stores. I don’t know about you guys but I never try on a pair of pants without “making my mark”. I let a few spurts of piss go into the crotch of every pair of jeans and khakis I try on.  By now my entire package is damp, and turning a little more golden as the rest of the coffee seems to have had an effect on my piss. 

Dinner comes and goes and leaves me with a dry outline of piss across the entire front of my briefs.  I’m sitting there in my room, maybe an hour or two ago and get the urge for more piss and maybe a little something more. I let out one small fart and absolutely fudged my pants, I mean full on shit. Didn’t even feel it coming.  diarrhea, explosive, fills my pants.  First instinct is to jump up, bad idea, I could already feel it slipping down my ass and thighs.  At this point I know my new Boss briefs and Lucky jeans are just covered with shit so I say, WTF, and sit right back down.  I allow my hole to relax and let the rest of the shit flow out of me, along with a healthy amount of piss and just continue playing the video game I was in the middle of.

Sat there for most of an hour before deciding to get up and share with you guys.  Now for the fun part, I have shit completely covering my balsa and creeping up my cock.  It’s about to get a little messier in here… 

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