Explosive Chocolate

Chad was sweating. His stomach was gurgling urgently. Never in his whole life has he been this gassy. brrrllllppblrpblrp – “That’s better!” – brlpblprbluuuurp…. “Fuck that one was not feeling good!”

– 6 hours earlier –

“What is it you are drinking?” Chad asked! “Hot chocolate” Steve answered. “Give me some!” Chad said in a command tone. Normally Steve would have been angry but this time he saw his plans coming true. The past days Chad had been treating him and his mates Jonny and Andy like shit. Someone must have told him how good looking he was. It was obviously true. Chad was the most popular guy of their highschool, the star of their baseball team. He was tall, blond hair, blue eyes and he loved to put his bubble butt into those tight jeans. Sure enough he was the star but that can’t be a reason he is treating his oldest friends like they were shit….

“That stuff tastes great!” Chad said. “It’s really creamy!”. “Sure it is..” Steve thought loughing to himself “..with 50g of inulin in it”. Steve discovered inulin in his mother’s kitchen. It is pure fiber. Fiber definitelly is grat for your digestive system but you should not consume too much of it. 5g should be the maximum dosis. Chad just had 50g of it. “Give me more!” he ordered. “Sure!” Steve agreed and gave him another cup with another 50g of that stuff. Jonny and Andy looked at each other. They had all tried what 50g of inulin do to them – let’s say they all contributed to global climate change, but 100 grams? They all wanted Chad to get gassy during their trip, but noboy knew what 100g would do to a human digestive system.

– 4 hours later –

“Have to fill up!” Steve said driving their car to a gas station. “Good idea!” Chad said “I think we could need some fresh air anyway!”. Having said that he let out a deep, gurgling fart. “Wow Chad!” Andy shouted. “Couln’t you have waited a few more seconds?”. Jonny was laughing “What did you eat mate? Rotten meat?”. Everybody was laughing and finally left the car. “I need a bathroom” Chad said. “Me too” Andy responded even though he did not have to pee that bad. He did not want to miss any aspect of Chad’s ordeal. A moment later they were standing at a urinal next each other. brrrrrp – Chad was farting again and immediately it smelt like rotten eggs again. pprrrrrrp. “What is it?” Andy asked. “No idea man!” Chad answered. “Better here than in the car, hmm?”… brrrrplrrrp. When they went back the car was filled up yet so they all got in and continued their trip. It did not take 10 minutes and Chad had to fart again.

– 1 1/2 hours later –

4 guys drove past the highway with their windows open even though it was no really warm outside. Chad was experiencing the worst nightmare ever. Never in his whole life had he been this gassy. The first farts made everyboy lough but when Jonny started to gag because of the stench it just became awful. He tried to control it but it was no use. It was not him passing gas any more, it was just ripping out. The more he tried to pass gas silently the louder they seemed to be. He was embarassing himself in front of his best mates. “Sorry guys, I somhow got ill!” he said in a soft voice. Little did he know they all were in heaven. Now Chad was exacly how they wanted him to be…

– back to the beginning –

“Fuck that one was not feeling good!” ran through Chad’s mind. Just when he thought it could not get any worse he could feel it. There was no use ignoring it. He felt like he had to shit and from the way it felt and how much his stomach was gurgling it was more than clear. He was sitting in the car with his mates, he was farting his brains out and he was about to have diarrhea! Steve could clearly see Chad’s head turn red in the rear mirror. “Guys, could we have another break soon?” Chad asked trying to sound normal. “We’ll be there soon!” Steve answered. “O….kay”. Chat felt like he had to fart again but he was not sure it was only gas that wanted to come out… He just had to hold it in. 5 mintes later he had his hands on his stomach. His stomach was churining and he still felt like he had to fart. “Steve?” Chad said in a pleading voice. “What is it?” – “We NEED to have a break!” – “What’s the matter? You can fart in here. We all smell like shit already.” “Damn I’ve got the shits! Pull over now!” Steve was smiling. “There is a rest stop in about ahead. You’ll have to wait!”.

– 5 minutes later –

The stench suddenly became awful. Just when the rest stop sign came in sight the urge became too strong. He farted… and followed through. “Did you just?” Andy asked. “Nothing happened” Chat answered but he could clearly feel soft shit between his cheeks. “Just pull over!”. He just hoped he could make it into the bathroom – or at least into the bushes. Steve stopped the car and Chad immediatelly ran outside. That was too much.

Steve, Andy and Jonny were staring out of the window. Was 10 meters away holding his butt. Suddenly he put his hands on his butt as if he was trying to regain control or covering something. When he removed his hands again, they could clearly see a big, wet brown spot which was expanding rapidly. Chad just wanted to disappear. He was farting and shitting, wet mushy shit that smelled like something died inside of him. His tight jeans made it spread everywhere… Why was this happening to him? Why him?

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