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IDK what has gotten into me this week but I am horny AF. Been really going for the solo anal play, minimal lube and just going for it which is having some rather extreme results, but that’s a different story. The other night I was just so horned up and was thinking I haven’t done some toilet stuff in ages so it was time to change that. I was bursting for a pee and really needed a shit and it was about 10pm so I thought it was time to head out.

I have been chatting to someone from here and I asked him if I should head to the park or stick to the streets, and of course he chose the well lit streets next to the busy roads over the quiet dark park. So, off I went. Black hoody, skinny black jeans with tight grey boxers underneath. I was walking along the main road up nr Tottenham where it’s so busy all the time and decided to do a very big loop back to my house.

My plan was to let some pee out first to start thing off but I almost needed to pee too much and as I needed to sort of force it out, so I resigned myself to filling my pants first. As I walked past a bus stop with a guy in it I started to push and the shit basically fell out of my ruined hole and started to fill my pants. It was quite a hard consistency about the size or a tennis ball or so I guess and I could clearly feel it (DK if you could see the bulge) out the back of my ass. So off I went, shit popping out the back of my ass and slowly mushing into my cheeks.

Now that my rear pressure was released it was time for the pee, and my was there a lot! Huge stream basically drenched the front of my black jeans and soaked them through. Damn, I still had so much to do and already my jeans were drenched. I was right next to a very busy road so IDK if people noticed the slight shine on my jeans or the fact I was walking a little funny but I had to break left and head down through the estate for fear of just ending up miles from my house. Thankfully the piss and shit was keeping me warm.

As I turned down the road I let out another huge stream. There was a guy on the other side who deffo clocked what I was doing. Piss was literally trickling out the bottom of my jeans and on to the pavement and where the jeans were soaked through piss was spurting out of the fabric so it was mega obvious. He looked over and I sort of half turned away and he headed off.

I was a bit nervous now as it was obvious I had at least wetmyself and I had to walk through a real residential area. I walked passed quite a few people and parked cars with their headlight on but no one seemed to notice.

When I got back in I peeled off my jeans and pants and then set to work with my huge toys to ensure my ass continues its path towards being useless.

Great to be back in the swing of things again 😀

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  1. Great story. It made me hard reading it and would’ve loved to have been there with you

  2. I love to shit my jeans, lucky to have girlfriend who also is into this, im straight but do get into some ass play bc it feels good, me and her started using meth by putting it in our assholes and OMG, Its so fucking great, both of us get super horny and nasty as hell, and idk but both our assholes like leak some type of ass cum when we do it, to the point of making pants wet, whatever it is it tastes and smells good.! I shit my pants driving home today and still have not bothered cleaning up and am going to stay dirty all night, it smells horrible and is pretty much dry and crusty on my ass and balls now, man I hope I need to go again soon, and then ill go to grocery store or something and hopefully people will smell me lol.

  3. Chris. I’m really in to guys who either despite to piss and start letting flow either full blown or in sprites or just sat walking around in aleady pissed pants and trousers.

    I not really in to shite but not a problem.

    I like to see lads in tight and slack trousers /jeans and undies and love to see lads in gray troucers but any colour will do.

    I think may be we could meet one day have a few beers etc etc with
    with toilet ban and see who lets flow first then who let flow the most then after who goes most time.

    I saw a lad go 3 times in 40 minutes the other month why at work on me public transport and ge was soaked fucking nice bulge as he did it sitting down and lovely cracking ass. He had gray tracksuit on and pick boxers as they was slightly higher than his bottoms.

    I was walking around with a stiff cock i send to him i wish i could have your wet peed undies as he let flow for the 3rd time. He said okay and startedto take his trackies off i said no you cant do it on here keep them for me an other time.

    To date through I’ve not seen him around yo have off him.. Just wondering are you into swapping dirty pissed undies Chris or any of your friends or family members (male only) through and pissing in them.

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