Exhibitionism with older lady friend

Just to set the picture, I don’t mind people knowing that I have ‘done it in my pants’ , I often do this in public. However under the current situation it’s not really been possible. However I was getting desperate to have an accident and was considering having an accident at home to see how the wife would react (I once changed her pants after she arrived home drunk and had messed herself at the front door).

Anyway, my wife asked if I would go to see one of her older friends who wanted her Christmas decorations put back into het loft. At first I thought should not really do this, but then. She lived on her own, as her husband was in a care home, and she was quite a good looking 60 something., and somewhat in need of some help. I was asked on Tuesday and said I would go round on Friday afternoon.

It was then that I was thinking about how nice it would be to go to a busy shopping centre and have an accident! Then I thought, I’m going to see Jean on Friday, it’s Tuesday and I have plenty of time to get things ready. By Friday I made sure I was in need of the toilet, and had sorted out two pairs of identical beige trousers, these and beige shorts are my favourites, they can display an accident well. I wore a pair of light blue boxers.

I arrived at Jeans , with a slight stomach ache and a bit of a bulging bladder. I started to get her stuff in the loft, and I began to plan the accident. I had the last box in my arms, and I said the Jean that I need to use the toilet and I think I need to hurry, and she laughed. I got two thirds of the way up, the stairs and let my bladder go, I then dropped the box and messed myself at the same time. I called for Jean who had heard the box drop, she asked if I was ok, and I said that I did not make it to the bathroom, she replied that she did not want the box in the bathroom. I heard her coming up the stairs, and she said ‘oh! That’s what you meant, you’ve messed your pants’ . I said I needed to go again and did another load in my pants. She walked me into the bathroom and noticed that I had also wet myself. She undid my trousers and took my shoes off, pulled down my wet and poopy trousers. I stood in the bath where Jean removed my pants, and began to clean me. Bear in mind I had a very erect Willy at the time. (See my uploads to get a better idea). She washed my bottom and other parts, and got me a pair of her husbands pants and trousers for me. I tried to make lite of the situation, and mentioned that I bet she had never messed herself, to my surprise she said well I have probably once a year! I bet myself I wouldn’t touch her, but I gave her bottom a squeeze and a feel, imagining her with messed pants.

As I was about to pull up the pants and trousers she pulled the back down and offered me a hand job, I had my hands on her buttocks while she was pulling me off!

She said she would not say a word to the wife, and I thanked her and left. I was able to put on the other beige trousers so my wife never knew.

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  1. Super hot story. I love messing myself in public, in front of others, and in front of my roomates. Would love to hear more of your stories.

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