Exercises in desperation (sequel to the man in the train)

Last time I met this man in the train, he was desperate holding his pee and I got horny by this. Before I could ask his name, he had left the train. He forgot his tablet and I took it with me and went visiting my parents that I had not seen for more than a year.

After I stepped off the train, I stopped at the kiosk to buy a large coke. This would fill my bladder, so my desperation adventure could begin. Of cause it didn’t work immediately, but I waited with patience until I felt I had to pee. That moment came when I opened the door of my parents’ house, I didn’t really had to pee, but I felt that my bladder was filling. My mother asked if I wanted tea, just like the old days. Ugh tea, I preferred a beer, but tea would do for the moment. We drank a cup of tea and another and my bladder filled more. I reached the stage where a normal person would go to the toilet, I didn’t. I didn’t feel a strong urge to pee yet, in fact this stage of filled bladder felt nice. In fact there were times that I only could get an hard one with a full bladder.
Than my father came home, it was his regular routine to drink a few beers before dinner and I had to drink with him. Already during the first beer, I felt my urge to pee increase. When I had finished it I had to squeeze my legs together to hold my pee. I didn’t had the intention to really wet my pants, I just wanted to feel the desperation and I asked myself whether I should go or to wait a little. I decided the latter and took another beer when my father offered it. I drank it slowly and felt I couldn’t hold it much longer, yet I wasn’t going to the toilet. When my desperation began to hurt, I regretted that I’d let it come this far. I moved my bottom in my chair and crossed my legs. No, no, I am not going to pee my pants in front of my parents, I hold my breath and when breathing out, I heard myself moaning. I leaned over and moved my hand to my crotch to squeeze my penis. My mother had seen all of this and spoke sternly to me. ‘You better go to the toilet Johnnyboy, we don’t want to see you wet your pants’. I hated when she called me like that, as though I was a child. I excused myself and ran into the toilet, while I was still holding my crotch. When I tried to unzip my fly, I felt a little spirt coming out and I feared I was wetting my jeans. With all the strength I had, I could restrain the flow, unbuttoned my fly and pissed in the toilet. I sighed relieved when my bladder emptied and the painful feeling of desperation disappeared. When I put my clothes back in order, I felt felt the wetness in my briefs and I noticed a clearly wet stain of piss at the front of my jeans just beside my fly. When I washed my hands, I splashed around with the water as to cover up for my tiny accident. My mother with her hawk eyes immediately what had happened. ‘You did wet your pants again, didn’t you?’ she almost shouted at me. A flashback of my teenage years when I occasionally still peed my pants went through my head and it was as if I could feel my father’s spanking on my bare butt again. ‘No, No’ I said ‘I just splashed around the water, I am not a little boy anymore, I didn’t wet my pants’. She shook her head as if she did not believe me. Before she could say anything, my father looked at me and said ‘you better change now, we talk about it later’.
I went to my old room to change pants and looked into the mirror. I looked red and upset and almost started to cry. It was as if the last day at home repeated itself, I was almost 14 years old and had wetted my pants on the schoolyard. My teacher sent me home and my mother used exactly the same words ‘you didn’t wet your pants again didn’t you?’ At that moment I couldn’t deny it, the front of my pants and also the legs were soaking wet. I was crying, afraid of what was going to happen and I was ashamed because all of my classmates saw what had happened. I couldn’t stand anymore spanking or teasing. I was sent to boarding school, where a strict regime kept me from daytime wetting, however, they put me under so much pressure that I started to wet my bed. By that sentence of my mother a few moments ago, I was roughly reminded of this traumatic time. I strongly regretted this visit to my parents, I didn’t come here to be treated like a child. After all this time I expected that they could see me as a normal grown up young man, but apparently they couldn’t and they had to remind me of the most embarrassing, painful period of my life, I decided to leave as soon as possible and that would be tomorrow early in the morning even before breakfast.
I changed and went for dinner. There was not much talking and I asked if I could be excused, explaining that I was tired. I went to my room early and there I had the first change to take a look at the tablet I found.
I turned it on and to my disappointment it was password protected. I tried a few words, but it didn’t work. Thinking of how the man was desperate holding is pee, I typed ‘desperation’ and wow it worked. The screen opened and I saw a few apps and maps. First I tried his email, but that was also protected and I tried several passwords, like desperation, peeing, pissing, wetting, holder etc. but nothing worked. Then I opened a few maps, I got through documents that didn’t told me much. And then I got totally excited when I opened the map with photographs. I saw a man holding his pee, with both hands on his crotch, I went through the photos got so excited that I got hard. The man that was desperate holding couldn’t keep it up and wet his pants and briefs and he got a boner. I rubbed my own penis and felt him harden. I wanted to enjoy it long and did it slowly. In the mean time I changed in my pajamas and was going to lay in bed under the blankets. I held my crotch fixed and closed my eyes, thinking about this man. I closed my eyes and imagined I again was sitting in the train opposite of him, but this time it was not him but me who had to hold his pee. I squeezed my legs and pushed my crotch and started moaning. When I crossed my legs and started bouncing, I said the man: ‘I really have to pee, can you tell me which way I have to go to the toilets?’ The man smiled at me and said: ‘they are out of use, you have to keep it for while or..’ he stopped and touched his own cross, I saw it had grown, ‘you pee just here, I would like to see you wet’. He smiled and I tried to smile back, but my desperation had grown too much. ‘Just let it go’ he said nicely and with one hand he rubbed his crotch and with the other he touched mine. ‘Just relax’ he said, when he started to stroke me. It was so relaxing and I let it all go. I felt my a nice warm feeling in my crotch, streaming along my balls to my buttock. I sighed relieved and opened my eyes to look at the man’s face. I saw darkness and for a moment I didn’t know where I was, then I realized I was lying in bed and I had fallen asleep, it was just a dream. My hand was still on my crotch and I felt it was soaking wet, and it was not just my crotch, I touched around me and it felt all wet around me, I realized I had wetted the bed and I was in my parents’ house. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared, the only thing I could do was to die right now, but of cause I didn’t. I turned on the lights and surveyed the damage. It was really bad, this wouldn’t dry overnight. I had to hide it and looked where my mother kept the clean sheets. I opened the only closet in the room, but there was just another pillow and blanket, no sheets. I walked around in despair, what can I do, what shall I do?
The door opened and my mother came in. ‘Aren’t you sleeping?’ she asked. When she saw the bed with the wet stain, she looked at me with disbelieve. And if she wanted more proof, she touched the front of my pajamas too see if they were really bad. She looked at me angrily and contemptuously and shouted: ‘did you really wet the bed?’ I didn’t know what to say, I wondered why she asked, there was enough proof. with a penetrating gaze she kept looking at me, I could not stand it and gave in by nodding to confirm what I had done. ‘Go take a shower’ she shouted and pinched her nose as if I smelled terrible. When I was finished and came back in the room, I saw my mother with the world’s largest diaper. I was startled, quickly did my hands over my penis and begged: ‘no mammy no, I don’t need that, It was just an accident, it won’t happen again, I swear’. She wouldn’t even listen to me an grabbed me by the arm ‘come on, let’s have this over and done, then we all can go to sleep again’. I still resisted, no way she was going to put me in that diaper. She slapped me on my ear and said: ‘if you don’t cooperate, I’ll guess I have to ask your father for help’. The blow and the threat of my father gave me such a shock that I started to pee again. Just in time I could stop it so I didn’t had to pee on the carpet, which would have made the drama really complete. I laid me down on the bed, and my she slid the diaper under my buttocks. I spread my legs and she folded the diaper tightly around me and left me alone. It felt unpleasant and what was even more unpleasant that I felt I had to pee again. I didn’t dare to pee in the diaper and I was even more scared to put it off. So I tried to hold. It took a while before it got uncomfortable, but too scared to wet again I tried to hold it. Neither squeezing my legs nor pushing my crotch was successful because of thick cloth of the diaper this was difficult. I began to tremble and bounce trying to concentrate on holding. Then I heard this voice saying ‘just let it go, relax’. It was the man from the train and I slowly did go over my diaper trying to stroke my penis. It helped I relaxed a little bit and then my pee gushed into my diaper. It felt good, but I was too upset to really enjoy it. I needed something or someone to comfort me and I took the tablet and opened the folder with the wetting photographs and more I longed more and more to meet the man, I got a stiff, but the thick, wet diaper made it difficult to masturbate. However my erection grow by looking at the photos and I began to breath faster. When I felt that I was going to cum, I quickly bit my blanket to not scream, when I squirted a long groan escaped, I felt fine and forgot for a moment the terrible situation I was in. Again I tried to open his mailbox, I typed ‘boner’ and I couldn’t believe it when it opened. I came to know that his name was Alex and I couldn’t find any boyfriend mails, my heart jumped. I wanted to send him a mail and started
‘Dear Alex, I met you in the train yesterday, you peed your pants and you forgot your tablet. Can I meet you again. I have to talk to you, I just wet my bed and don’t know what to do. Sincerely John’.
Before I knew it, I had pushed the send button and there was no way back. I waited for an answer and after a few minutes it came.
‘Dear John, I would really like to meet you, I saw you in the train and saw you getting excited, you looked so hot and I regretted afterwards that I didn’t spoke to you. I am on the train back tomorrow, please try to take the 9 o’clock train, I will look for you’.
This was so good, better than I had expected. However I realized that I was in an awkward situation. I had to escape from this house, but how?

Did I manage to escape and did I finally meet Alex? More about this next week in the last episode of this story.

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