excruciating pain and great relief

so 2 hours ago I had this excruciating pain in my stomach, I felt like dying, It came and gone in minutes the second wave concluded that I need to go. As I went to the bathroom I sat on the toilet and my butthole stretched open as the mixture of solid and liquid poo came out, the solid parts created pain around my butthole. After releasing the demon, I returned to bed to lay down and play on my phone. Another wave came and I ran back to the bathroom I knelt down and pulled my boxer briefs down. I shat while kneeling and i was all liquid. the semi-slimy liquid diarrhea slithered down straight to my boxer briefs but the second squirt missed my underwear so it went to the floor. I pulled my underwear back and felt my butt was wet, It feels good. I took my phone and set it to camera mode, pulled my underwear down again and took a snap shot. So guys if you wanna see it check out my new uploaded photos. There were only two, sorry had no time to take a shot of it in different angles I was too lazy 😛 anyways I took a shot of the one that went to the toilet too. Hope you like it guys 🙂

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  1. yeah man, loved the pictures, and like to have those kinds of shits. does not happen too often though.

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