Examination Incident

This may sound like a story from The Inbetweeners, but it is completely true. I was there. Only the names have been changed.

It was a hot summer day, shortly before the end of the school year. 18-year-old Hugh was in the examination room in his North London school, taking his final three-hour History A-level exam paper. He’d drunk a bit more than he should have done, perhaps, because of the heat. The pressure had been building up for a while, but because he was concentrating on writing his answers, he didn’t really notice.
To his horror, he suddenly felt warmth round his crotch and realised he was wetting himself. By the time he’d managed to regain control, the lower part of his crotch and the seat of his trousers were very wet. Fortunately none of the piss had dripped from the chair, and it wasn’t visible to anyone else, but Hugh realised he would have to leave the room and finish off in the toilet, otherwise there would be bound to be more.

Prefects helped members of staff to invigilate examinations, and their job was to accompany any candidate who needed to leave the room. Hugh put up his hand to summon a prefect, and, with embarrassment, told him what had happened. The lad, a year younger than Hugh, gave a start and went bright red, both of which were noticed by Hugh’s Head of Year, Mr Jameson, who was helping to supervise the exam. Mr Jameson also noticed a few candidates start to snigger as Hugh rose from his seat, and as Hugh left the room the great wet patch on the back of his beige slacks was clearly visible to anyone who happened to be looking – and that included Mr Jameson.

Since Mr Jameson was Hugh’s year head, he felt a moral duty to do what he could to help. The fact that he was hugely turned on by this unexpected wetting had nothing to do with his decision to help, of course! Mr Jameson caught up with Hugh and the accompanying prefect in the corridor, and put his hand gently on to Hugh’s shoulder.
“Will you want to go back into the examination room to finish the paper?” he asked Hugh.
“Yes, ” replied Hugh, looking slightly flushed but not too upset by the incident.

Mr Jameson told the prefect to go back to the exam hall, and that he would look after Hugh. He waited for Hugh to finish his business in the toilet, and then told Hugh that he would get some spare clothes for him.

“Oh, don’t worry,” responded Hugh, “I’ll go straight home after the exam.”

“You can hardly go back to your parents like that, can you?” replied Mr Jameson, doing his best to hide the excitement in his voice.

“No, I suppose not,” said Hugh.

Mt Jameson told Hugh to go an finish his exam, and he’s sort him out, so Hugh returned, still in his wet trousers, and sat once more in his wet seat.

Fortunately Mr Jameson lived near the school and was able to slip home quickly and find a pair of similarly-coloured trousers and a pair of blue cotton briefs, which he though the student would find acceptable. He put them in a bag, returned to the school and placed the bag by the student’s desk.

A few minutes after the exam had finished, Hugh came to Mr Jameson’t office resplendent in the new clothes, and handed Mr Jameson the bag containing the wet trousers and a wet navy-blue nylon slip. Mr Jameson told Hugh to come back in a couple of hours and he’d have his clothes washed and dried. Hugh thanked him very much.

Since it was by then lunch time, Mr Jameson took the wet clothes to the chemistry lab, where he could rinse them out in a sink. On his way he saw Hugh walking into the Sixth Form Common Room, where he was greeted with a rousing cheer. Hugh didn’t seem too upset.

In the chemistry lab the washing process caused the laboratory technician much amusement. In fact he laughed so uncontrollably that Mr Jameson though he was going to have a second accident to deal with! Mr Jameson himself found it very exciting washing out the lad’s underwear, and almost had an in-trouser incident himself!
Trousers and briefs suitably washed, Mr Jameson took them to a remote part of the school grounds and hung them out on some railings to dry in the afternoon sun. They were soon dry, and Mr Jameson duly folded the trousers and slip-briefs, leaving them in the sixth-form common room for Hugh to collect.

Hugh was suitably grateful and returned the borrowed trousers and pants to Mr Jameson’s office. Unfortunately Mr Jameson wasn’t there, so Hugh had to hand them to another member of staff who, somewhat puzzled, took them to Mr Jameson.

So Hugh was able to go home without having to give an awkward explanation, an Mr Jameson was able to go home after one of the most exciting and memorable days of his career!

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