It happens every day after school because I do it on purpose. I POOP MY PANTS ON PURPOSE. I hold back my shit all day in school and ride the bus home holding it back there too. Once I get off the bus I walk to my house and put the key in the door. No one is home. I have the house to myself for about 2 hours. That time to fill my underpants with shit and masturbate then dump the heavy load in the toilet, wash the pants leaving stains behind and then hiding them for the next time which will be tomorrow. During school it’s fun anticipating the size of the load. At lunch I can tell if I have a bulge down in my lower stomach but not any cramps. I can tell it will be a huge load. Then I would dream of getting the nerve to do something of this size at school in my pants. I eventually did, another story. I get in the house and immediately take off all my clothes except my underpants. I go to my bathroom and sometimes sit on the toilet like I am using it with the exception that my underpants are still on and then I push out my big mess right into my pants. What a feeling if its a little wet. The #2 pushes all up around my balls. Even more so if I do another one to push more up there. Or I may get down in a squatted position and grunt and push my shit out into my pants. I always do more than one log too. So my messes are enormous. I also wet when I’m in the squatted position, it just comes out too. Then another position I like is standing up and looking out the window like a zoning out but doing the grunt/push until all my load is in my pants.

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  1. You inspired me! While reading your great story about shitting in your underpants, I let go and filled mine also while sitting on the toilet. What fun!

  2. Softer poop is always a lot of fun.It comes out so easy and spreads so well.I try to have soft every time by taking stool softener so I don’t need to push;I just relax and let it flow into my panties and sit on it to spread it all over.

  3. Met my BF doing that way after school. I always watched him on the bus. He’d keep his hand in his pocket and rub off while day dreaming as we rode along. It was just him and me in the two back seats, and I followed him one day hoping to get a chance to just fool around, when he surprised me by pooping his pants as he walked home. He motioned me to follow him home, saying he’d seen me following him. Turned out we were both free until late each evening, so one day he’d go to my house and the next I’d go to his. We’d always start to poop as soon as we were clear of the bus. It was farm country so there wasn’t many people to see us. We did our own laundry and kept a chang of clothes at each other’s house. He confessed to following me one day and saw me poop when I stopped at the mailbox, that’s how he knew I’d play.

  4. I lived 2 blocks from elementary school. the last block in an alley. Parents worked, home alone after school. After holding a major poop for a while. it felt sooo good to just “let it go” in my pants while walking home.

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