Events of a sleepover

It was Senior year, and I, like the years before,  joined cheerleading
and was on the varsity squad. Amber was also a new girl and she and the
others told me to come over one afternoon to sleep over out at their
house. (Amber being a twin with another cheerleader, Rebecca) So, of
course, I did. BIG MISTAKE.          
We played some games, ate dinner,
and talked. Then we all put on leotards and practiced dancing. (As we
are all in as well) Then, after Amber’s parents went to sleep, they told
me something sort of funny that turned me on. They intentionally poop in
thier panties. I said “ok? wtf?” They said it againn. Me, not bringing
PJs, was still in my black leotard. They told me that I will try,
tonight, to do it too. I, as the title of this experience, said “WHAT?
NO!” They said that it really wasn’t my choice, and after some quick
explaining, I could see that they were right.           
Thier parents
had locked thier door when they went to sleep, and Amber apperently
spiked my drink with some laxitive medicine. I was about to run to the
bathroom, as now the laxitive was taking affect, but two of them quickly
discovered my plan,grabbed me, and sat me back down. Then, I watched
amber pull out a camera aswell as a video recorder. One of them, I think
it was Julia, handcuffed me to Rebecca’s bed stand. (Amber and her
shared a room at the time) I honestly do not know how those girls got
thier hands on handcuffs, but they did, and it sucked. By now I REALLY
had to go and i couldn’t hold it in anymore. So, siting there, crying, I
**** my pants.          
The whole thing was recorded as I dropped 3,
large logs into the leotard, and sat down, smearing the super sticky
warm  mess across my butt and around my waist toward my p**sy. I wansn’t
done, and they were laughing at me so hard. Rolling around sobbing in
my mess, which, of course, by now they had uncuffed me. ALL of it was
recorded too, which is the worst part. I was such a mess crying and all
as two more, large, sticky logs came out of my ***. Then, they bent me
over and spanked me, spreading the mess up my butt and in what seemed
like everywhere that that ruined leotard could have held.  Then one of
them reched in, and took out a handful of the **** and spreading it on
my tummy. My leotard was bulging with the stuff, and they spanked my for
a good 5 minutes before they taunted me saying “Awww the little bitty
baby pooed herself, how cuteee.” I wadled to the bathroom and they
helped me clean up my mess, which had spread all over my back, butt,
pu*sy, and tummy. It smelled so bad! The leotard cleaned nicely though. I
stayed on that squad still, and I am pretty sure that they still have
that recording, somewhere..

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