Ephemeral encounter (version en français avant)

On the way from my apartment to the tram station, the road goes up and there is a bicycle path next to the sidewalk. This bicycle path is for bicycles going up as indicated by painted green arrows as well as on paper and internet maps about cycling paths of the city.

I hate to see people cycling down on this path instead of using the road on the other side of the tram rails. So when I walk down to my apartment, I do not hesitate to walk in the middle or on bicycle path and if I see bicycles coming up, I move to the sidewalk to let them the way that is reserved for them.

So, as I was going down to my apartment, I saw a group of about 4 cyclists riding up on the bike path pedaling to keep a steady speed (around 30 km/h or nearly 10 meters/second). I look at them crossing me, and I followed a little longer the last one of the group. The guy looks younger than the others, a teenager. I notice he wears brown shorts with a well delimited area on the crotch which is in ​​the same brown, but darker.

Obviously, this guy just pissed into his shorts while cycling downtown. As it is behind the others, they certainly not have noticed it.
As the day is very hot, his shorts whould dry in a few minutes. And in the meantime, he will feel a bit of freshness between his legs.

I took 2 to 3 seconds to really realize what I had seen and look behind me. But it was too late, the group of cyclists was already too far to see at least one head.

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  1. There seems to be a bit of enthusiasm among some cyclists who drink loads of water to keep hydrated while pedalling to not stop for pee breaks.
    Pissing in their shorts is of course the only alternative and they don’t seem to be at all embarrassed to be seen to be wet.
    When I used to cycle I tried many times to piss while pedalling along, but no matter how full my bladder was I could never do it. I could happily wet my pants but I always had to stop cycling and sit still before my piss would flow.

  2. When I was a youngster I was quite used to letting a little dribble out into my shorts without it showing. I had never done it while cycling, so I thought i’d give it a try one morning. I tried without success. i could not relax, even when standing on the pedals of the moving bike. Eventually I gave a really hard push, and rather than a dribble out came a large squirt! It made a huge streak down one leg of my grey shorts, and I had to cycle around until it dried. I was late home for lunch that day!

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