Enough is enough!

Okay this blog is about the vid chat and the shows I put on, so if you’re a fan of watching my live shows, then you need to read because this may apply to you.

As most of you guys have been able to tell, I really do enjoy wetting my pants/shorts for an audience whether it be in real life or on webcam.  It’s a HUGE part of my interest with wetting.  For the most part people have been respectful about it.  However, recently that charm has started to wear off severely!  It has gotten to the point where I am almost not even enjoying myself when I do my shows and as most of you know, if I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, I’m not going to do it anymore.   I feel I do my best to put on a good show for everyone to enjoy, but there are a few bad apples spoiling everything not only for me but also my viewers.   I’m not naming actual names because they will know who they are while reading this.  So here goes with the problems that I need to address:

1.) When you are viewing my cam and are CLEARLY able to see that I’m putting on a show, DO NOT constantly PM me and interrupt the show.  I do NOT exist solely for you to enjoy, but rather for everyone to enjoy themselves and by interrupting me constantly, you are robbing not only myself but all my viewers of their enjoyment.  If I’m just sitting here doing nothing then PMs are perfectly welcome, but when the show starts and you are WATCHING, then PMs need to cease because they will not go answered until show ends.

2.) When I say “no” to something it means NO!  If I don’t want to poop my pants for you, then it’s no.  If I don’t want to jerk off for you, it’s no!  Hell, if I don’t want to get my lazy ass up to show what I’m wearing, that’s no as well!  Requests are still perfectly welcome, but if I say no to it then I mean no. 

3.) Finally, don’t trick me into viewing your cam when you know I’m not into scat and you’re putting on a scat show.   I very rarely view people’s cams anyway unless you’re a good friend of mine or if you’re having a holding contest with me.  If you’re viewing my cam and I’m not viewing your’s, don’t take that as an insult just remember that I rarely view other’s cams. 

I have recently started having to use the block function in the chat over those things listed above.  It pains me to have to do it, but it’s just not fair to myself or others to have to deal with this when we are in the chat for fun.  This blog isn’t meant to be arrogant, but rather just me finally saying enough is enough already.  I’m really hoping the message gets through to people reading this, because the next step that I’m hoping to avoid is for me to just cease all live shows permanently and just do non-live pics and vids. 

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  1. I agree. You deserve some respect when you are doing a show. Takes a lot of guts to do it, too. And, I am sure the ones bugging you the most, don’t even have a cam.

  2. You can preach it to the quire people today won’t cut the shit and it pisses me the fuck off I bet it does to u to if u have to report them don’t take their shit

  3. I agree. I used to do show myself and i stopped because of people pming me while i was in the middle of my show. If a guy or gal is willing to put on a show, don’t interrupt him or her. Be respectful.

  4. i love ur videos wish i could wet like that i like when u squat down and pee pants its hot thanks and keep the videos comming

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