Engineer call-out

“Production office, Stuart Tinley speaking.” The ringing telephone, normally
a distraction to his work, was a welcome diversion to 32-year-old Stuart this
time. He had spent the second half of the morning and another hour since lunch
trying to invent tasks for himself to fill the time, and reorganising the
filing cabinet and watering the office plants could hardly stretch to the best
part of a day’s work even when done at a leisurely pace. Stuart’s boredom was
threatening to turn into frustration.

It should have been a busy, productive day but at around 10.30 his PC had
suddenly crashed while he was typing a work order, and attempts to reboot it
only resulted in unpleasant messages on the screen about faults in various
memory segments. He had immediately telephoned HRC systems with which the
factory where he worked had a contract to maintain the staff computers, and
he had obtained a promise of a temporary replacement PC by the end of the
afternoon. Until then there was little he could do but wait because without
a computer he had no access to the customer orders, stock levels and employee-
and machine availability which he needed to get any work done.

“Hi, Stuart, it’s Maria. You have a visitor at reception with a computer for
you. HRC systems.”

Stuart’s heart leapt. “Thanks, Maria, I’ll be right down,” he replied,
delighted that this punctual arrival of the HRC engineer meant that the
frustration of having nothing to do should be over.

Stuart also had other, more surreptitious, reasons for welcoming the arrival
of an HRC engineer. This company seemed to specialise in hiring the dishiest
young guys to send out to its customers when their computers needed attention,
and it also kitted it them out in its own company uniform which, along with
an immaculate white shirt and tie with logo, featured smart light grey
trousers of the crotch-hugging variety. Stuart would typically find an
excuse to be in the office or work area where the engineer would be attending
to an colleague’s computer just so that he could watch the young guy working,
and he had become well acquainted with the way some of the regular HRC-lads’
physique filled out their smart attire. Today he would need no such excuse
for his presence since it was his own computer which was being temporarily
replaced. Stuart wondered which of the regulars it would be as he exited
the production office and descended the stairs to reception.

To Stuart’s surprise the young man writing down his name on a visitor’s
pass under Maria’s instructions was not one of the familiar HRC faces. He
was, however, wearing the aforementioned standard uniform that would make
Stuart’s heart flutter on almost anyone, and on this slim but sturdy looking
lad of around Stuart’s age it was certainly pleasing on the eye. The
newcomer was just now attaching the badge to the belt holding up those
dishy company trousers as Stuart walked up to him, and Stuart used the
excuse of looking at the name written on the badge to check him out down
there as Stuart offered his hand. The badge, now hanging neatly to one
side of a nice bulge in his grey-clad groin, read “Craig Livesey”.

“Hi, you’re Craig, I see. I’m Stuart Tinley. I called your office earlier,”
Stuart said as he offered his hand.

Craig looked up with a smile and shook Stuart’s hand. “Hi Stuart. Glad I’ve
found you at last, I got stuck in traffic for ages and later took a wrong exit
from the motorway. It’s been a shambolic journey. Sorry I’m late.”

“Not at all, they didn’t promise you’d be here till the end of the afternoon,”
replied Stuart in surprise. Further enquiries then revealed that the local
HRC depot had no-one available that afternoon. Craig was from a branch of
HRC systems way over in Hatton by which the local branch had requested backup,
and Craig had been able to accept Stuart’s assignment immediately because
of a cancellation. But Stuart’s area was unfamiliar to Craig and that, coupled
with heavy traffic, had meant a journey of more than two hours.

“You can do with a refreshment then, I expect,” said Stuart. “I’ll help you
carry the computer upstairs, then I’ll get you sorted out with a coffee.”

With Stuart taking the screen and Craig carrying the box the two of them
mounted the stairs, and Stuart then led the way to the production office.
Various of Stuart’s colleagues looked up from their work and smiled at
the newcomer as the two of them entered, and Craig murmered “Hi” to everyone
shyly as he followed Stuart to his work station. The two of them set the
replacement machine on the desk, plugged it into the wall socket and switched
it on, and then, continuing as a team, picked up the broken computer and
carried it back down the stairs, past reception, and outside to Craig’s van.

Stuart watched appreciatively and felt his groin tingle as Craig paused by
the door of his van, got a better grip of the computer box under his arm and
then squeezed slightly on the crotch of his grey trousers with his free hand
before producing the key to the van door. The two of them loaded the broken
machine into the back.

“Right then,” said Craig, “I just need to get organised. You use ProdTech
version five here, don’t you?” Stuart nodded. “Let me find the right
installation CD and some spare network cabling just in case the new PC
needs different connectors from yours. When I’ve got sorted out I’ll join you
back upstairs, okay?”

Stuart would have preferred to stay with him. That brief crotch squeeze that
Craig had just performed for him had sent Stuart’s heart fluttering and his
eyes could not get enough of this young engineer. But he nodded his agreement
nonetheless. “Fine, I’ll get some coffee for you then and I’ll see you back
upstairs shortly. Do you take milk and sugar?”

“Just milk, thanks,” replied Craig slightly distractedly as he started
rummaging in the van. Stuart took his leave and went to fetch the coffee.

Stuart was heading back from the coffee dispenser with two mugs of coffee when
he encountered Craig again. Craig was carrying a box of CDs and some coils of
cable as arranged, but instead of turning left at the top of the stairs to
return to the production office, Craig had evidently turned right instead.
Without initially noticing Stuart, Craig was glancing apprehensively into
various rooms along the corridor and appeared to be lost.

“It’s the other way, Craig,” said Stuart with a smile, causing Craig to
notice him with a start.

“Oh yeah, I was just looking…” began Craig, flustered.

“Come on, I’ll show you,” interrupted Stuart, leading the way back to his
office. “It’s cappuccino by the way,” he continued, referring to the
beverages in his hands as he walked. “If you prefer straight coffee with milk
I can get you that instead,” he continued with a glance at the engineer
as they headed for Stuart’s work station.

“No, cappuccino’s fine,” replied Craig. He still seemed distracted but had
abandoned his unauthorised reconnaissance of the upstairs floor and was now
accompanying Stuart back to his work station where the replacement machine
was waiting for its installation.

In the production office Stuart grabbed an extra office chair from an
unoccupied work station and wheeled it over to stand next to his own chair.
“Hope you don’t mind if I sit next to you and watch? I could do with knowing
how you set it all up.” He set the two steaming beverages down on the table.

Craig placed the CD and spare cables next to the drinks as Stuart took his
seat, but for the moment he did not sit down next to him. “Sure, that’s no
problem. But I’m sorry, could I just…?” he began. But he was interrupted by
a new arrival, a middle-aged woman in a business suit who had sidled up
to the two younger males.

“Hi there, you must be from HRC systems, right? I’m Claire Thomas, production
office manager. I haven’t seen you before. Nice to meet you.” Claire
extended her hand to Craig in greeting.

“Craig Livesey, nice to meet you too,” replied Craig as he shook her hand.
A few more pleasantries were exchanged which included Claire expressing
her thanks for the quick reaction to the call-out which should mean that
Stuart would be back to work with some of the afternoon to spare.

It was evidently not a particularly busy time because several other colleagues
of Stuart were taking the cue from Claire and coming over too. A small throng
soon gathered around Stuart’s desk, looking appreciatively at Craig and at the
PC he had brought along. Craig shook his head when Claire asked if he would
mind if they all watched the installation for a while as it would be a
good learning exercise. And Stuart, buoyed up by this support by his boss of
his own request to watch the proceedings, slapped his hand demonstratively
on the seat of the vacant chair next to him, pushed Craig’s coffee towards
him, and said: “Sit down then, Craig, and show us how it’s done!”

Craig sat down gingerly and reached for the software package with one hand,
accepting the cup of cappuccino with the other as he did so. A touch of a key
on the keyboard of the replacement machine cancelled the screen saving mode
and revealed that it had booted successfully and was all ready for use. He
nervously took a gulp of the frothy drink and shifted his position on the
seat in an attempt to get comfortable before inserting the installation CD
in the drive.

Interest was keen for a while, various colleagues evidently finding the
installation of networking software a welcome diversion from the repetitive
jobs with which they normally filled their working hours, and Craig was
called on to answer various questions in the frequent intervals while they
were waiting for the PC to finish loading data before the next step in the
proceedings. Stuart, seated next to him, had the ringside view and was
enjoying the sight of Craig fidgeting and visibly perspiring slightly as
he finished his cappuccino, kept the installation process on an even keel,
and generally coped with being the centre of attention for some fifteen or
twenty minutes. A nervous fumble at one point by Craig in his groin as he
shifted position in the seat had Stuart’s full attention as he privately
fantasized about what sort of underwear Craig might be wearing. Stuart
was glad that the others around them were filling in with the intelligent
questions so that he could concentrate on Craig himself: the lad was seriously
turning him on.

Craig’s apparent inability to settle himself physically also registered
with Claire, because during a lull at one point she enquired if Craig was
comfortable and pointed out that the chair offered an adjustable seating
position. Craig indicated no particular problem with the chair in his reply
to Claire, but Stuart still seized the opportunity to move closer to the
dishy engineer and get a whiff of Craig’s scent, which Stuart judged to be
a mixture of after-shave and fresh perspiration, under the pretext of
adjusting Craig’s seat for him. He altered the position of the chair-back
slightly so that Craig was now leaning further back (and his crotch was
thereby even more prominently on view!).

Craig made no objection to Stuart’s intervention with the chair, but he did
appear to try and bring an end to the spectacle he was affording to most of
the production office staff by remarking pointedly that the installation was
now almost complete and that the last few steps merely required clicking on the
final “confirm” buttons when the machine had finished its current lengthy

Claire picked up on this hint and suggested that everyone had better get back
to work. She started delegating a few work orders to members of the throng
and everyone except Craig and Stuart wandered back to their respective
work stations.

No longer under the scrutiny of the bulk of his audience, and with only the
relatively non-threatening Stuart in his vicinity, Craig now grabbed
himself in his groin which was only partially concealed by the table and
squeezed his dick firmly for several seconds as he struggled to control what
had become a critical situation. He gulped and moistened his mouth, which was
dry despite the frothy coffee which he had finished out of politeness rather
than any desire for the stuff, and turned to Stuart ready to voice his
acute need. He registered that the bloke’s eyes were rivetted to where he
was holding himself, but he had no time to feel any self-consciousness.

Stuart spoke first. “You sure you’re alright? You don’t look at all comfortable
to me, Craig.”

Well, that was the subject he urgently needed to raise. Stuart had broached
it for him. “I just need a pee rather badly,” Craig replied in as level a
voice as he could manage with his bladder screaming at him as it was by now.
“Is there a toilet here that I can use, please?” He adjusted his cock, feeling
as he did so the slightly damp area inside his briefs where he must have leaked
slightly during the previous few minutes. He braced himself to jump up and
move smartly off the moment Stuart told him where the gents toilets were.

However Stuart’s reply was not immediately helpful. “Yes, of course. I
thought you seemed a bit uncomfortable. Well, I’ll show you where it is before
you leave. You’ve almost finished in any case, right? I do just want to be
sure everything works before you head off.”

Craig shuddered as he fought against the pressure. “Please, just point me in
the right direction, I’ll be back in a moment. Is it downstairs?” he persisted.

“Yes, then it’s across the factory floor and through past the foreman’s
office,” replied Stuart. “Five minutes walk at the most. Hey, it’s finished,”
he added, referring to the computer. “Now it wants a password, does it mean my
own private one or the department’s?”

Craig’s response startled Stuart in that it ignored his question, contained a
swear word for the first time since Craig had arrived, and was accompanied by
a glare. “Look, I don’t even know where the fucking foreman’s office is.
Just tell me which direction I walk in when I get downstairs!”

Stuart looked at him levelly for a few seconds. Craig fought back another
spasm, working his toes back and forth a few times in his shoes as the urgency
gripped him, succeeded once again in avoiding catastrophe, and hastily tried
to make amends with an apology and explanation. “Oh sorry, sorry. I just need
to get to the toilet, I can’t do anything else until I’ve peed. I wanted to go
earlier but I couldn’t find it. Could you just direct me, then I’ll be back
to help you finish off before you know it.”

This time Stuart showed understanding. “Oh, no I’m sorry. You did say, but I
didn’t realise you were as desperate as that. Well, I’ve got to come with you
for this one because you are required to wear safety goggles before entering
the factory and there is a compulsory route avoiding the danger areas. The
toilet block in our own section has been out of use for the last two weeks
because they’re rebuilding it. It’s a real nuisance for all of us. Come on,”
he added, seeing the fresh concern on Craig’s face as he heard this news,
“let’s get going.”

Despite his raging erection Stuart got briskly to his feet with this last
exhortation and then stood watching as Craig got up stiffly, winced as he
tried to straighten up, and supported himself with one hand on the table for a
moment. “God, I’m almost doing it in my pants,” Craig moaned softly. “Can we
hurry up?”

“Follow me, then,” replied Stuart as he led the way briskly out of the office
to the stairs. Ignoring the stares of several of Stuart’s colleagues who had
overheard the conversation, Craig managed to bring his trembling legs into
action and hobbled out of the room behind his customer. He was fully aware
that he was making a ridiculous spectacle of himself in full view of people in
front of whom he should be acting professionally, but his only concern now was
to make it to the men’s room in time without wetting his pants.

Stuart led the way downstairs, aware of Craig’s footfalls right behind him,
said a brief “Hi” to the two receptionists as they passed the desk, rounded
another corner and then stopped in front of the closed door to the factory
causing Craig to bump into him from behind. “Steady on, man,” said Stuart
gently as he turned round to face him. Craig merely gasped slightly and
walked a bit on the spot as he regained his balance. Stuart turned back
and fished a couple of plastic safety goggles out of the large bin in front
of the door, then instructed “Put these eye protectors on, there can be stray
slivers of metal flying around in there.”

Craig, still moving around slightly on the spot, was pinching his crotch
with one hand at that moment, but he succeeded in grabbing the goggles with
his free hand and putting them on while Stuart did the same with his pair. But
in answer to Stuart’s enquiry whether the band was adjusted correctly for
Craig’s head size, Craig simply snapped “It’s fine, please hurry up, will

Stuart then opened the heavy door and Craig stumbled after him into a huge
open space. The noise of dozens of industrial machines filled the air.
Stuart closed the door behind them and indicated the floor where they were
standing. Raising his voice above the noise, he instructed “You need to keep
to areas where these green markings are painted on the ground. And green
arrows like this one here indicate a safe route through the factory which
keeps you away from the dangerous areas. Okay? Follow me, then.”

Despite the slightly tortuous nature of their route across the factory floor
during the next two minutes, Craig could see what was obviously the foreman’s
office coming into view by the far wall, and he knew from Stuart’s earlier
description that the men’s room was in that area. Suppressing, once again, the
panicky feelings of not being able to hold it any longer, and telling himself
he was about to make it and would finally be able to pee after needing to
increasingly badly ever since sitting in that traffic jam, he continued to
pace rythmically behind Stuart towards the relief he desperately needed.
The next interruption was then especially unwelcome to Craig.

“Hey Stuart, where’s my work order from you, you lazy sod!?” The voice was
from a thick-set lad wearing, in addition to the ubiquitous safety goggles,
the same blue overalls that all the machine operators had on.

To Craig’s horror, Stuart stopped and turned towards the newcomer. “Blame
my computer, Mike. It gave up the ghost this morning. Craig here has just
set me up again with a new one.”

Mike turned towards Craig and grinned at him. “He’s always got some excuse,”
he remarked to Craig, referring to Stuart.

But Craig was in no position to respond to this. Now that they were at a
standstill once again he felt the panic returning with a vengeance and
an overwhelming urge to let his piss flow. “Stuart, I can’t wait, where do I
go?” he stammered in a cracked voice, grabbing his crotch and bending slightly
forward as he strained in a final effort to keep it all in.

Stuart pointed ahead and called instructions over the noise of the machinery.
“Follow the green route to that corridor next to the office, then it’s round
the back, and…” But Craig had already gone. Mike and Stuart stood watching
him as he set off at a trot, initially making a left turn as required by the
green floor-markings but then deviating from the route and passing straight
through the Friction Products work area. Still under the gaze of the two
astonished employees he had left behind, he proceeded in between two large
running machines, ignored the “Hey!” shouted by one of the blue overall clad
operators, and made a beeline for the corridor next to the foreman’s office
which Stuart had indicated, disappearing at a run out of sight. Stuart could
see Fred in his white foreman’s coat poking his head out of the office and
staring after the departed Craig, and various men and women in blue were
craning their heads to look too.

Stuart turned to Mike with an explanation which the latter hardly needed.
“He’s bursting for a piss,” he said simply.

Mike, who had been standing open mouthed, turned back to Stuart. “I could see
that. He looked like he was about to wet himself! What have you been doing
to him?”

Stuart shrugged his shoulders without replying and the two of them stood in
silence for a moment. Then Mike spoke up again: “Well, I hope he’s got there
alright. Come on, we’d better check if he’s okay!” They set off towards
Fred’s office where Fred was now in conversation with the Friction Products
operators who had joined him there. The group looked up at Stuart and Mike
as they approached.

“Who is that?” said Fred to Stuart. “He’s just barged straight through FP
while the lathe was running. Why weren’t you making him keep to the route?”

“I’m very sorry, Fred. It’s my fault. I should have told him,” said Stuart
at once, avoiding Mike’s eye. “I’ll go and tell him now.”

Fred persisted. “I’ll have to write a report of this incident and I’ll need
your signature on it. It will be brought to your manager’s attention. And that
lad’s name needs to go on it too. Is he an official visitor?”

Stuart made to continue apologising, but Mike intervened. “Fred, the visitor
was desperate to go to the toilet. Lighten up a little, will you?”

Fred nodded with some understanding this time, but remarked: “Well he didn’t
go towards the toilets.” He then pointed at a corridor to the right. “He went
down that way. Towards the stock rooms “

“Come on Stuart, let’s find him,” said Mike setting off purposely in the
direction pointed out by Fred. Stuart joined him at a brisk pace, the two
of them pausing only to remove their safety goggles and deposit them in the
bin on the edge of the factory floor.

Only the first section of the corridor was lit. After rounding a corner, Stuart
and Mike continued in semi darkness with only the light from a few windows
in adjoining storage areas to aid their progress. But they were nonetheless
able to make a beeline for the hapless Craig long before he was visible in the
dim light because the steadily reducing volume of noise from the machines back
on the factory floor was being replaced by a clear splattering sound of an
irregular stop-start stream of liquid hitting metal.

Craig was standing to one side of the corridor, his back to the approaching
newcomers. Despite the lack of light it was clear that he had his dick out and
was peeing into a container of scrap metal which was on the floor outside
one of the stock rooms. Aware of Stuart and Mike, he stopped the flow briefly
but then continued as before. The stream was not forceful, rather irregular
in fact, but it kept on coming from what must have started out as a brimful
bladder. And Craig could do nothing about the noise it was making on the
metal items in the container.

Stuart and Mike stopped and stood in silence for a bit, giving Craig some
space and waiting for him to finish. After a while, when it seemed he had
stopped pissing, Stuart spoke up. “Are you alright, Craig?” But the splattering
sound started up again immediately.

“I’m so sorry. I just can’t stop,” replied Craig. More pee flowed, this time
with an added forcefulness as Craig seemed to try to finally evacuate his
aching bladder once and for all. “Every time I think I’ve finished, there’s
more. It was too late. I couldn’t get to the toilet in time.” His voice sounded

After a while no more pee seemed to be coming out, and under the gaze of the
other two Craig stuffed his cock back into his underpants, zipped his grey
trousers up gingerly and turned slowly to face Stuart and Mike. He was still
wearing the plastic goggles.

Stuart stepped up to him. “You don’t need these on out here,” he said, and
gently removed the eye protectors from round Craig’s head for him. Craig
submitted to allowing Stuart to pull the goggles off but then merely stood
looking abjectly down his front.

Mike flicked a switch on the wall and the area was immediately filled with
light making all three blink as their eyes adjusted to the brightness and
focussed on what immediately became the centre of attention: Craig’s trousers.
The originally light grey material had turned dark in a large area which
glistened in the bright light, emanating from the bulge at the front and
spreading outwards to both sides, underneath between Craig’s legs, and then
halfway down the front of the right leg. The contrast between the dry areas
and the soaking wet places was stark.

Mike broke the silence. “You’ve wet your pants, mate,” he remarked.

Craig made no reply but sat down weakly in his sodden trousers on the edge of
the container into which he had just pissed the living daylights out of
himself, and covered his face with his hands.

Stuart had the first practical suggestion. “Mike, could you get one of your
department’s blue overalls so that he can change? We’ll sort it out before
he leaves.” Mike nodded and set off to get Craig’s change of clothes.

Stuart sat down next to Craig on the metal container and slipped an arm
round his waist. “I’m sorry, Craig. It was my fault. Don’t worry about it. I
guess you really had to go while all my colleagues were watching you set my
computer up?”

Craig looked up at Stuart and made eye contact for the first time since his
accident. He looked devastated. “Before that, even,” he replied.

Stuart nodded sympathetically and rubbed Craig’s back lightly. The two of them
were silent for a while. Eventually Stuart repeated simply: “It’s a nasty thing
to happen to you. I’m sorry.”

Then Craig opened up. In between occasional sobs and wiping of his eyes, he
recounted the frustrations of his afternoon while Stuart listened. “It
started on the road after I left Hatton. I know where there are service
stations going to my usual customers and I usually stop for a pee on my
way to them, but I didn’t know this route. I kept hoping there would be
somewhere where I could stop, but there wasn’t. I really had to go, and then
I got stuck in that traffic jam and I was really worried because I was getting
rather desperate. So after I got through the jam I left the motorway early
to try and find somewhere to pull over, but it was all urban clearway with
no public toilets or anything. And I was worried I was going to be late
anyway, so finally I just decided I’d ask to use your toilet when I got here.
I was really dying for a piss when we were swapping the computers and getting
the other stuff from the van. So I tried to find the toilet while you were
getting the coffees. I didn’t know you had to go through the factory. Then all
your colleagues gathered round and I was stuck there.”

Mike was approaching with a pair of blue coveralls, a plastic bag and some
paper towelling evidently torn off from a dispenser in the toilets as Craig
came to the end of this account. He spoke to Stuart first: “I’ve talked Fred
round. He understands it was an emergency and isn’t talking about incident
reports anymore. He knows it wasn’t really your fault too.” Stuart nodded

Mike then turned to Craig. “You alright, mate?” he enquired sympathetically.
“You can put these overalls on, but we do need them back before you go. Take
your wet things off now. We’ve got an industrial washer-drier and there’s a
load ready to go through now anyway. I’ll add your wet stuff to it. You’ll get
them back in about an hour and a half.”

“Thanks. I’m really supposed to be phoning my office for another assignment
before the end of the afternoon,” began Craig.

“You’re not seriously thinking of going to another customer like that are you?”
said Stuart gesturing at Craig’s sodden groin. “Tell them you’ve got delayed
here. I’ll cover for you if you need me to. I’ll say we needed urgent help
with another computer.”

“You’re right. Thanks a lot,” replied Craig gratefully and stood up ready
to peel his soaking grey trousers off. Stuart took the visitor’s pass and
Craig’s mobile phone from him as he detached them from the belt, and Mike
held the plastic bag open for Craig’s wet trousers as he dropped them to the
floor and stepped out of them. A glance at Craig’s briefs revealed these to
be saturated and dripping slightly, so Mike indicated that they should go
into the bag too. Watched by Stuart, Craig then self consciously stripped
off the sodden underpants and added them to Mike’s bag. Mike handed him
the paper towelling and waited until Craig had thoroughly wiped his legs and
genitals before handing him the blue industrial coveralls. Then, with a
supportive “Take it easy mate, see you down here at quarter to five and we’ll
change you back again,” Mike took his leave with Craig’s laundry.

Ten minutes later Craig was sheepishly accompanying Stuart back into the
production office and avoiding the incredulous glances of Stuart’s colleagues
at Craig’s change of attire. While Craig was phoning his office to inform
them that he would need to remain with this customer for the rest of the
afternoon, Jonathan, one of those who had watched the software installation
and who had also overheard the subsequent desperate request from Craig and
seen their hurried departure, sidled up to Stuart. “Didn’t he make it to the
men’s room in time? Did he piss his pants?”

Stuart nodded. “Yep, I’ll tell you about it later,” he replied as Craig
completed his quick call.

Stuart’s computer was soon up and running, and he combined catching up the
routine work orders with chatting generally to Craig and getting to know
the lad better. Craig was in no position to go anywhere else, and he was
enjoying Stuart’s company anyway despite his recent appalling embarrassment
in front of him. So he passed the time talking to Stuart and drinking coffee
which Stuart occasionally fetched for him from the machine.

After about an hour Stuart’s telephone rang. “Production Office, Stuart Tinley
speaking. Oh hi, Mike…” Craig looked up at once. “…No problem, he’s not
going anywhere for the moment… Yep, we’ll be down then… Yes… So would I,
that sounds fun… Yeah, I know, heh!… Yes, I’m already plying him with
coffee… Right, I’ll talk him round. Let’s do it!… Oh Mike, can I see if
Jonathan wants to come too? You know, the lad who does the work orders for
compressor valves? I think he’s pretty interested… Okay, see you then.

“Are my clothes ready then?” asked Craig as Stuart rang off.

“No, but they soon will be,” replied Stuart. “Look Craig, do you fancy coming
out for a drink with me and Mike after work. There’s a nice pub round the
corner. He’s feeling sorry for you after what happened and wants to get to
know you better.”

“I guess I owe him that at least since he sorted me out,” replied Craig. “And
it sounds nice, I could do with unwinding after all the stresses of this
afternoon. Thanks, I’ll come along with you both then.”

Stuart then turned round and addressed the lad at the work station behind him.
“Jonathan, what are you doing tonight? You want to come out to the Jug after
work? Craig’s having some beers with me and Mike Chesters from the shop

Jonathan nodded enthusiastically. “Sounds like fun, yeah, count me in. I’d
like to get to know you better, Craig, after your helpful instruction earlier.
Well, I’m off to the coffee machine again. Milk and no sugar for you, isn’t it

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