Employee of the Month

            I was beyond excited for my new job. It would be my first job in an office setting and, though the pay wasn’t that great, I felt it would open doors for me in the future if I did well. I was told to meet my team lead and all the other senior members of the office today before I got set up with payroll. So I put on my new suit and headed over to the office.

            As I waited in the reception area I wondered what I was going to be doing for the day and why I, a lower level employee, needed to meet all of the senior staff members on my first day. I new that it was a law firm and that I would be in the accounts receivable department but that’s about all I really knew. Would it be difficult? Would I make a fool of myself? Would the other employees be far more educated and look down on me? I guess these were all just normal first-day jitters, so I leaned back in my chair and told myself to just breath and it would all be fine.

            A very handsome looking man, about 40 years old with short hair in a very expensive suit walked in from the elevator. He smiled at me and shot out his hand, “You must be the new guy!” he grinned, “Boy is there a lot of work waiting for you!”  We shook hands. His handshake was incredibly firm, almost hurting my hand. “Yes, yes—I’m excited to be here!” I said enthusiastically. “Why don’t you follow me to corporate intake and I’ll get you started?” he said. “Actually, Bill told me that he wanted to first introduce me to some of the senior staff before I got started?” I said, confused. “Oh…” he said, puzzled, “Well let me walk you over to Bill’s office.”

            Bill’s office was all the way on the top of the building and took up a quarter of the entire floor. He was clearly the big dog in this operation. “Well,” said the handsome man in the suit, “This is it. I’ll leave you be as I have some work to do,” and he headed back to the elevator. I knocked, uneasily, on the office door. Once, twice. I waited. I tried again. Three times, a fourth and then the door opened. There were 7 men in the room all drinking glasses of whisky, neat. The man at the desk, Bill, was smoking a cigar and had his feet up on the desk. There was an overwhelming feeling of interruption in the room. Like I walked in, in the middle of an important conversation or an argument—although everyone looked fairly relaxed, most wearing smiles on their faces. “Uh… Hi Bill,” I smiled, nervously, “Someone downstairs showed me to your office… you said I was to meet you before I went to HR?” He smiled at me and put his cigar out in the ashtray. “Ah, yes. The new… employee.” He said, with a little giggle. Everyone seemed to find this amusing. This made me uneasy, to say the least. “Why don’t you… come sit in this chair.” He motioned towards a single chair facing his desk. I walked slowly over and sat down, putting my briefcase next to me. “Now,” Said bill, a mischievous smile on his face, “I know I told you that the open position was, what was it, Accounts Receivable? ” “Yes, sir… that was the opening.” I said. “Well, it is a position in receivables… it just may be in a different line of work.” He said. At this every one on in the room laughed. Their low, masculine voices echoing in the room. Before I could ask what he meant a voice behind me said, “So new boy, what would you do to get this job?” I thought for a moment and turned slightly to show that I was answering him, “Oh anything you guys need, I’m happy to help out in any way I can.” Again, much to my confusion, everyone laughed. Bill made a motion for one of the other men to come over and I felt a man grab my shoulders, “The more you struggle, the harder this will be for you, ok new kid?” he whispered and started forcing me to the ground. “What the fuck, why… are…” I started to say but he put something over my mouth and pinned me down to the ground while the other men tied me down. Bill continued just to sit at his desk, smiling, watching. They tied me in such a way that my legs were raised but my torso and arms where flat on the ground. One of the men crouched on my stomach and looked me directly in the eyes. “I’m going to remove this gag and replace it with something else to let you do your job better, ok? And you’re not going to make a peep right?” he whispered, very seriously. There was a tone of threat in his voice so I just nodded. He removed the gag and inserted some kind of metal device that propped my mouth open impossibly wide. The only noise I could make, even if I tried, were unintelligible groans. I was really freaked out at this point. What was this? Some kind of awful hazing for joining the company? Something else entirely?

            Then one of the other men came over with a knife and kneeled down behind my raised legs. He cut a hole where my butt was in my pants. And then my underwear. That’s when Bill stood up from his desk and began walking towards me. He walked all the way up to my head, I could smell the leather of his shoes he was so close. He looked down and said, “It’s time to do some receiving.” At this all the men chuckled, clinking their drinks and making sounds of approval. Bill slowly lowered his expensive suit pants and raised his jacket to expose a big, luscious, stinky butt. He slowly lowered it on to my face. He let out a huge, long wet fart right in my face and grunted with relief. Then he let out another one. Then he rested his hands on my stomach and let out a slow, thick stream of hot, stinky, gooey poop right into my face and mouth. I could not believe this was happening. Then he stood up to look at what he had done. His expression turned to puzzlement. “Well that’s no good,” he said, squatting down to looking at me closer, “I thought that you were in receivables.” At this another man handed him a toiler cleaner and he started pushing it into my mouth, forcing his poo into it. I was gagging and trying to stop it but it was just too much force against my tongue. After he was done forcing it in he motioned for another man to come.  He attached another contraption onto the metal wire device they had previously inserted in my mouth. This new thing was shaped like a funnel. It had a very wide opening at the top but then went straight to my mouth. I wanted to escape but I was tied down and now I couldn’t even scream. Bill then came over and attached a toilet seat to the top of the funnel device and they all made sounds of approval and some laughed.

            Bill finished shitting into my mouth, now with complete ease. The poop traveled easily down the funnel and into my mouth and I had to swallow as fast as possible or suffocate. Any poop left in the funnel was forced down with the toilet brush. The other men were all patting my belly and saying, “Good boy! That’s a good treat isn’t it?” one man kept leaning near me and saying, “Yummy!” After Bill was done, a huge smile on his face, the rest of the men took turns unloading their filthy poop into me, some times missing and soiling my suit. Bill ripped open the whole that had been cut near my butt in my suit and slid his dick into me, bare. He started pumping me. It hurt but there was nothing I could do. I felt like every part of me was full of filth and I couldn’t do anything about it. Bill was moving in and out of me and rubbing my tummy and saying ,“That’s a good boy, you’re pretty good at your new job aren’t you? Maybe, just maybe you’ll be employee of the month.” As he was saying this one of the other men was opening a big vault-like secret door behind Bill’s desk where I could see chains and restraints. They all laughed at this. “Employee of the month?” I thought to myself. That’s when I realized the most terrifying thing of all. They weren’t going to let me go. 

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