Emmys Oopsie

Emmy is laying on the couch, watching her favorite movie. Wearing tight pink boyshorts and loose PJ’s her tummy rumbles. Her bladder was feeling weak, and starting to get wet with excitement.

Letting out little farts here and there. Little spurts off pee, making a tiny wetspot on her undies. Emmys pussy is swollen with joy. She loves being naughty. She knows she is supposed to use the potty, but really enjoys having “oopsies.”
Emmy has had her fun now, the movie is over. Her panties are wet with pee and her poop is poking out. The poop touching the seat of her undies from her butt. She is gonna go to the bathroom, finish going potty like a good girl and clean up.
Tummy really rumbling, Emmy moves her way off the couch and it hit her. She let out a loud, long, wet fart. Not just a fart though. The effort it took to get up made her poop straight into her undies. Now standing in front of the couch, sagging undies, the pee comes cascading down. Splashing on the hardwood floor and dribbling onto the couch. 
Emmy takes her PJ’s off to wipe up the pee off the floor before anyone got home. As she squat, she felt the poop smoosh a little bit into her asshole and spread. Aching because it felt so good, her hand moves back to feel the bulge. Gently moving her hand around and on top of the bulge. Unable to control her horniness anymore, Emmy forcefully smooshes the poop in her panties with her hand. Squeezing and rubbing the poop around her ass she starts cumming wildly into her undies.
Emmys picks up her PJ’s and runs to the bathroom to clean up, feeling the poop sway as she runs. 
Emmy may have given one naughty push when she got off the couch, and plans to do this many more times. 😉

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  1. I love all of Emmy’s adventures. However, I was thinking what about her new friend from the last story? Wold be nice to hear about their shared experiences. 🙂

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