Emmys First Time

Body memory and muscle memory are some weird things. For example, getting your body into the habit of using the bathroom at the same time every day. I believe everyone has experienced this at some time in their life. For poor Emmy, her time was just as she got home from school.

Emmy was a pale skinned 16 year old girl in high school. 5’3, very slim figure, short black hair. Just down to her shoulders. Black converse, white undies, cute white short cargo shorts, and a black short sleeved shirt. Every day after school, as Emmy would see her bus pulling around to her block she would feel those stomach pains. Emmy knows she can relieve herself soon, her body knows it, her body then starts to get ready to do so.
Almost every day as Emmy runs to her door to unlock it and go inside to go to the bathroom it becomes an emergency. Her body knows its close to going, so it starts to relax. Emmy has a few close calls. One very close call where she ate something bad for lunch. She had noticed she was getting very wet down there that day. Struggling to hold it in, fumbling for the keys, she could not help but notice it was turning her on. she shrugged it off. Didn’t think much of it again, until today.
Today was the day. Little did Emmy know though, her curiosity would get the best of her.

On the bus, stomach rumbling, worse than usual Emmy was getting a little turned on. “Again?” Emmy thought to herself. “Why am I starting to get wet?”
Bus turns the corner, pulls up to Emmys stop, she hops off quick. Emmy makes her way to the door, one hand on her stomach the other holding her books. A little fart slips out as she’s climbing the steps to her door. 
“Uh oh” Emmy muttered hunched over.
Emmy moves one hand to grab her key, another fart escapes. Except this time is was more than just a fart =O
A small poop made its way into her white panties. Emmy was immediately embarrassed. How could she have had an accident?! She’s a 16 year old girl, she should not be having accidents. A small part of her though enjoyed it though. She shouldn’t.. right?
Now Emmy is standing on her porch, outside, hunched over, small piece of poop sitting in the seat of her white panties, still needs to go, bad, and enjoying it? Why?
Emmy then figured she’d roll with it. She’s already dirty, needs to go more, and is getting turned on by the thought of having an accident in public. Why not finish?
With one hand moved to the back, feeling the tiny tiny bugle, she releases. relaxes her muscles. Emmy didn’t even need to push. The poop slides right out, filling up her panties. She loves the feeling of it coiling up and pressing against her ass cheeks. She feels the bulge growing with her hand. Her panties are starting to get tight, pushing up against her shorts. Emmy had to poop a lot. Without even noticing her crotch starts to feel warm and very wet. She was also peeing herself, right there on the porch. Puddle forming around her feet and shoes.
Emmy puts the key in the door, sneaks inside, and is standing in the door way. She looks back to see a nice large bulge in her shorts. Pee down her legs. Starting to feel tingly down there. Emmy seems glad her curiosity got the best of her today.
This was my 1st story, sorry if it was long. Hopefully you like it =) 

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  1. Oh, such a nice story.
    I hope we see a lot more about Emmy and her warm soft white panties.
    Maybe Emmy will discover a friend who will fill her panties as they both walk in the park.
    She might try slowly through conversation if a friend of hers had ever filled her panties for the naughty fun of it.
    Maybe she has a friend who has an accident and Emmy as one too to make her feel ok.

    There are so many possible stories and you write so well.

    I took your story and filled in a little using the word "panty" as often as I could only because I’m a panty nut.

    But thanks, keep it up.


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