Emmy Witnesses an Accident

Emmy was having a great time. Drinking, eating, dancing, just having a blast at the house party she was attending. All that drinking though, Emmy found herself in need of the bathroom. So Emmy makes her way around the house in search of the bathroom.

After searching for what seemed like hours (being a little tipsy, it was only a minute and she couldn’t find it) she decided to just go find a spot outside in the woods. Upon walking out she noticed this tall blonde in a long white sun dress. This beautiful, tall, blonde hair, big breasts, sweet tan skin, looked very off. She looked she was shuffling, or in a hurry. This peaked Emmys interest. Emmy followed.
Every once in a while, this girl, who she overheard in conversation’s name is Jessica, Jess for short, was hunching over. She had to use the bathroom! Why was she walking around out here though? Emmy kept following.
Jess must have been a little tipsy herself, never noticing Emmy following, didnt know where she was going. Jess stopped in her tracks, hunched over, moaned feintly. 
Emmy noticed she was wearing white panties. She then noticed Jess’s panties turning a shade yellow, and a long stream of piss running down her legs. Jess crossed her legs to hold it in, but to no avail. Piss continued to pour down both her crossed legs, splashing on the grass around her feet. 
As Emmy was admiring this beautiful girl having an accident in panties she couldn’t help but get aroused. Emmy was thinking she now enjoys watching other girls have accidents? How? 
Before she could even finish her thoughts, she noticed Jess still hasn’t moved. She wasn’t done! Jess hunching over slightly more revealed her panties more. Now a wonderful shade of yellow around her crotch. Jess’s panties started to bulge. The back of Jess’s panties started to turn brown now as Jess just stood in silence. Jess was also pooping her panties. How did Emmy get so lucky to witness this?
Jess’s panties grew and grew as she just unloaded her bowels into her cute little white panties. Not so white now. Standing there, filling her panties, Emmy can hear quiet moans and coming from Jess. A look of relief filled Jess’s face.
Jess stood up straight, looked at the damage, then slid her panties down. She tossed them into the woods to get rid of the evidence and started back towards the party. Jess turned around to Emmys shocked face. Jess’s jaw dropped in embarrassment and started crying a bit. Emmy said it was ok, she understands accidents happen. Emmy, to convince Jess that accident happen, and to make Jess feel better said “look, even i couldn’t hold it.”
Jess stepped back, looking at Emmys crotch in her tan capris. Emmy started to pee herself. Wet spot formed around her crotch and quickly grew down her legs, and across her butt. Piss hissing into her capris and down her legs on to her shoes. Jess was shocked at what was happening, but Emmy could tell she felt better. 
Emmy and Jess got to talking and left the party together. Before strangers, now friends.

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