Embarassed Remix – 1

Embarrassed Remix – 1

by Ickis

a remix of story by James Daniels

Ever since he was a kid, Joey loved being embarrassed. While other boys dreaded being pantsed, Joey always felt a rush having his underpants on view. Now that he was a older teenager, he was always looking for ways to find himself in embarrassing situations. He encouraged boys to pants or strip him or to dare him to try new things. Or sometimes he tried risky activities in public, the fear of being caught giving him a rush of excitement. Because he loved being embarrassed so much he began wearing diapers as his underwear. He figured there was nothing more embarrassing than being caught wearing a diaper in public.

One of Joey’s favorite things to do was to slowly take items of clothing off in public to see how far he could get. He usually started by taking his shoes off, then usually tried to get his pants and his shirt off. Occasionally he went so far as to take his diaper off too. Sometimes Joey left some of his clothing behind when he stripped, so over the years he had lost many pairs of shoes, lots of plastic pants, and occasionally his pants or shirt.

Joey also loved masturbating in public, especially if other guys were around. He loved getting caught rubbing his diaper and jacking off in all kinds of public places. Recently he had started having sex, and loved doing it in public. It was a real thrill for him to be semi-dressed or even naked having sex with a guy where he might be seen.

Today Joey was walking around a bookstore in a shopping mall near his house. Joey liked coming to this bookstore because it seemed to be pretty cruisy for some reason. As he was slowly walking around scanning the books on the shelves, Joey stepped out of his sneakers and kept walking in just his socks. Then he loosened his jeans and let them start to slip down, exposing the top of his crinkly white diaper. Pretty soon Joey noticed a guy, probably about thirty, checking him out.

Joey continued to stroll around, letting his jeans drop to his ankles. He walked out of them and left them on the floor. Joey was now walking around in just his white diaper, white t-shirt and white socks. The thrill of being in just his padded underwear gave him an instant boner. He stroked it just a little through his diaper, making sure the man was still watching him. The rustling noise was hard to miss.

A minute later Joey felt the man come up behind him, and he felt his diaper slowly pulled down. Joey wiggled to help the briefs slide down then lifted up his feet to let the man pull his diaper all the way off. Now naked except for his socks in the middle of the store, Joey felt an incredible rush from the thrill of being exposed. Before he knew it the man was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock.

Joey closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of the man sucking and licking his boner. He had to hold onto the shelves for support as his knees felt weak. Most of his body was hidden by the bookshelves, although his head was visible on the other side. Browsing on the other side of the shelf was another man, this one of about forty. From the look of ecstasy on Joey’s face, the man had a pretty good idea of what was happening. He walked over toward the other side so he could get a peek.

Joey was so excited it didn’t take him long to build up to an orgasm. His knees buckled, he let out a moan, and he began shooting his load. The man pulled his mouth away so the jizz landed on Joey’s socks. The man pumped his cock so that every last drop of cum spilled out. As soon as he was spent, Joey opened his eyes to find that the man was gone. Joey grabbed his diaper and pulled it on, then found his jeans and put them on as well. He looked all over for his sneakers, but they were nowhere to be found. Joey had to leave the store in his white socks and no shoes.

Joey walked out into the mall and strolled around looking in the windows of some of the shops. The cold floor felt good through his white cotton socks. He let out some piss in his diaper as he walked around. Before long Joey noticed the forty year-old man who had watched him getting a blow job now following him. Joey would occasionally smile at him, then keep walking. Eventually Joey found his way to a men’s room in an isolated area of the mall.

Joey walked into the restroom and walked up to the sinks to check himself in the mirror. He saw the man walk in behind, and without hesitation walked right up behind Joey. He felt the man’s hands exploring his behind, fingering the many holes in his jeans. Joey’s diaper was easily visible through all of these holes so everyone knew what he was wearing as his underwear. Then without warning the man ripped Joey’s pants. As Joey felt and heard the material ripping away, he became instantly hard. The man continued to tear at Joey’s jeans, ripping apart all of the seams. Joey pissed his diaper a bit in excitement.

A third man then walked into the restroom. Although he headed straight for the urinals, he could not keep his eyes off of what was happening in front of the mirrors. Joey was completely turned on having a stranger tearing his pants off of him in a public restroom in front of another stranger. The man continued to rip his jeans, tearing piece after piece off. Eventually his jeans were shredded to small bits of material and all over the restroom floor, and Joey stood hard-as-a-rock in just his white diaper, white t-shirt and white socks.

The man now reached around, slid his hand into Joey’s padded underwear and began to massage his cock. At the same time he humped Joey’s rear end. The man ground his boner clad in dress pants against the thick padding of Joey’s wet diaper. Joey moaned and bent forward so he could grind his behind against the man’s hard-on. The thrill of being stripped of all but his soggy diaper in the public restroom had him so excited that he was ready to cum quickly.

Just as he felt a spurt of cum ooze through the dress pants of the man behind him and seep onto the plastic his diaper, Joey felt himself start to spunk his diaper. Even though he had just cum a little bit ago, load after load of jizz gushed into his padded briefs, adding to the soaked the front of them. Joey looked down and saw the shreds of his jeans all over the floor and realized he would have to make his way home wearing nothing but cum-soaked diaper and socks. The man offered to give Joey a ride home, but Joey assured him he would be alright. Though he was embarrassed, Joey was also excited about the idea of walking home in his diaper.

Joey left the restroom and slipped out of a back entrance of the mall. A couple of guys about Joey’s age although bigger saw him in his wet diaper and started snickering. They followed him, pointing and laughing at his situation. Joey was simultaneously feeling excited, embarrassed and nervous. He tried pulling down his shirt to hide his diaper. The boys came up behind Joey and grabbed his t-shirt. Joey pulled to get away from them, and as he did, the shirt ripped. The boys laughed and held onto the shirt. Joey pulled away and started to run. As he did the t-shirt ripped off his body completely. Joey ran away shirtless with the boys holding the ripped remains of his shirt and laughing.

Joey ran a few more blocks down the street in just his crinkling diaper and socks until he paused to rest. Although he was afraid to be seen like this, he was turned on too and now had a boner once again tenting his tight padded briefs. Joey continued to walk down the street, then realized a car had pulled up alongside him.

“Hey, Joey, you want a ride home?” asked Trevor, a friend of his from school. Trevor knew Joey liked to show off and was an exhibitionist himself. Sometimes the boys dared each other to try different things in public.

“Sure, thanks,” said Joey, hopping into the car.

“What happened to your clothes?” asked Trevor.

“Long story,” said Joey.

“Your dad is going to get pissed at you for losing your clothes again,” said Trevor.

“I know, don’t remind me,” said Joey.

“And it looks like you need to take care of something,” said Trevor, pointing to the erection tenting his diaper.

“You mind?” asked Joey.

“Go for it, dude,” said Trevor, adjusting his own bulge through his jeans.

Joey pulled his diaper down some and started beating off in front of his friend. After a few minutes of stroking, Trevor said, “You know, it would be easier if you took your diaper off. More fun too.”

“O.K.,” said Joey. He undid the tapes of his diaper off then he continued to jack off. As soon as he had the tapes off Trevor grabbed the diaper, rolled it up, and tossed them out the car window, laughing. Watching his soaked diaper get tossed out sent Joey over the edge. “Unhhh,” he moaned as cum started to shoot out of his dick and land all over his chest and legs.

Trevor watched his friend shoot his load as he quietly rubbed his own dick and came inside his jeans. He pulled into Joey’s driveway and stopped the car. “Here you go, dude. I don’t know how you are going to explain this to your dad,” said Trevor, laughing.

“I don’t either, man,” said Joey, getting out of the car. He stood in driveway now naked except for his socks. “Thanks for the ride, man. I will see you later.” He watched his friend drive away and walked to his front door. He used the spare key hidden under a rock to let himself in. Luckily his dad was not home, so Joey ran naked up to his room. Once inside he looked for movement in the house next door. A boy who was a about the same age as Joey lived in the bedroom right across from his, and the two could see each other through their windows. Joey liked showing off for the boy, but it didn’t look like he was home right now. Joey stopped on a thick new diaper then just plopped down on the bed and jacked himself off through the crinkly padding while he thought about what had happened that day.

The following morning Joey was awakened by the doorbell ringing. He sat up and realized that his dad must be at work. Joey got out of bed in his footed sleeper. He had been wearing footed pajamas since he was a little boy and still liked them. He ran downstairs in his pjs and opened the door. A delivery man stood there.

“I have a package for Joseph Miller, Senior,” said the handsome young delivery man.

“That’s my dad, but he’s not home,” said Joey.

“That’s O.K., you can sign for it,” said the man. He handed Joey the clipboard to sign. Joey signed and handed it back to him. “Thanks,” said the driver, handing the package over. “And by the way, cute pjs.”

Joey looked down and realized he had a morning boner pushing his soaked diaper out against the front of his pajamas. Joey blushed and said, “Sorry, I just got up.”

“Hey, no problem,” said the driver. “Happens to me still too. Hey, can you help me? I need to find Maple Street. Do you know where that is?”

“Sure,” said Joey, and started to give the man directions. He opened the front door wider and stepped out onto the front porch to point the man in the right direction. The concrete was cold through his footed sleeper socks but felt good. As he gave the directions, he realized the man was not paying attention but just staring at his erection.

Suddenly the delivery man reached out and took hold of Joey’s padding-covered boner. Joey let out a soft moan of pleasure. “I didn’t catch all that,” said the man, “could you please tell me again what I should do?”

“Sure,” repeated Joey, going over the directions again. The man unzipped his sleeper and slipped his hand inside. As Joey talked he enjoyed the sensation of the man with the strong hands stroking his cock up and down inside his diaper. Occasionally the man would spit on his hand lubricate his palm so he could stroke Joey’s cock even faster.

Joey was completely turned on by standing in his footed pajamas on his front porch getting jacked off by a cute delivery driver. He wondered if any of the neighbors were watching or could hear the loud crinkling of his diaper. Maybe even some of the drivers of the cars passing saw what was going on. He could feel the intensity of his orgasm building and started to let out more soft moans. “Uhn, uhn, uhn, I’m going to cum,” said Joey. His diaper was very loosely clinging to his hips after all the man’s manipulation.

“Yeah, let me see you shoot,” said the man in a huskier voice. He stood directly in front of Joey’s cock.

“Uhn, I’m cumming,” said Joey as semen shot out of his dick. The cum landed all over the front of the delivery man’s uniform. Stream after stream of jizz shot all over the man’s pants and shirt. Joey opened his eyes, saw the soaked uniform, and said, “Gosh, I’m sorry.” He suddenly felt embarrassed standing on his porch with his boner out of his pajama pants and the remains of his soaked diaper.

“It’s O.K.,” said the man, looking at his uniform, “It’s a present for me I can enjoy all day.” He turned and walked back toward his truck. He stopped and turned, saying, “By the way, are you Joseph Junior?”


“I’m Bob. See you later, Joey,” said the driver, getting in his truck and driving off.

After Joey showered and dressed, he decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. He had on his white silky basketball shorts. He liked to wear them because whatever diaper he had on showed right through. Joey was wearing his new plastic pants that he had ordered off the internet. They had pictures of red fire trucks like you would find on kids’ underpants. Every detail of the plastic pants showed through Joey’s thin white shorts including the yellow and red leg gathers and waistband. Joey also had on a red t-shirt, white ankle socks and red sneaks.

Joey was walking past the movie theater near his house and decided to go in. It was an old movie house and never showed first run films, so it was usually not very crowded. As Joey waited in line a couple of older guys who lived in the neighborhood and had often picked on Joey got in line behind him. Joey heard them talking behind him.

“Hey, look, it’s the fag.”

“Yeah, look man, you can see his underwear showing through his shorts.”

“Yeah, cuz he’s a fag and he likes guys to see his undies.”

“Those are too big to be undies. That’s a plastic-covered diaper.”

“Aw, look, he’s wearing diapers like little boys wear.”

“Aw, how cute, the little faggot wants us all to see his little baby diapers.”

Joey bought his ticket and quickly walked away from the older guys. He paused for a minute at the snack counter, but then decided not to get a soda. He walked to the theater and the usher, a boy only a couple of years older than Joey, tore his ticket.

As Joey stood there, the boys who had been picking on him came up behind him. One of them said, “Hey little faggot, you want us to see your baby underpants?” With that he reached out and yanked Joey’s shorts down. The boys laughed and walked into the theater without waiting for the usher to tear their tickets.

Joey turned as red as his shirt standing in his plastic underpants in front of the usher, but the boy smiled at him and said, “Those are really cute.” Joey smiled back and mumbled his thanks. He thought the usher looked cute in his uniform of black pants, a white tux shirt with bow tie, and black dress
shoes and socks. The usher said, “If those guys bother you, just let me know and I will have them kicked out.” Joey smiled and nodded and walked in to find a seat.

Naturally the boys sat in the back of the theater, so Joey headed up front where few people ever sat. The place was practically empty. The floor was sticky and his sneakers kept catching on the floor. His shoes were almost pulled completely off each time he took a step. With one step his sneaker did come all the way off, and Joey stepped on the sticky floor with his socked feet. He managed to pull his sock off the floor and went back to put his foot back in his shoe. By now the sneaks were so loose hey were
falling off his feet.

Joey sat down and put his feet up on the seat in front of him. As soon as he did the loose red sneakers fell off his feet, landing somewhere on the floor in front of him. He didn’t bother to move to get them, figuring he would find them later. The theater went dark and the coming attractions started. The usher walked through the theater with his flashlight, checking to make sure everything was alright. As he walked past Joey he smiled at him, and Joey smiled back.

To get comfortable Joey slid his shorts down his legs and let them dangle around his ankles. They soon fell off, landing somewhere near his shoes. The next time the usher walked through the theater, he flashed his light onto Joey and saw him sitting in his firetruck plastic pants and thick diaper. The usher paused to get a better look and smiled at Joey again, who again smiled back.

The next time the usher came through he did not have his flashlight turned on. When he got to the row in which Joey was sitting, the usher ducked down so no one would see him and crawled on the floor to reach Joey’s seat. There wasn’t much room between the rows, so the usher had trouble crawling along on the floor. His clothes kept getting caught or sticking to the floor. Joey saw his shiny black dress shoes come off and his black dress socks sticking to the floor. The usher’s black pants became stuck, and Joey wasn’t sure it they were hung up on a seat or sticking to the floor. He watched as the usher unzipped his pants and crawled out of them. His black briefs contrasted nicely with his white shirt.

When the usher reached him, Joey put his feet on the floor. The usher, looking at him and smiling, pulled on his plastic pants. Joey lifted up his hips to let him get the plastic off then undo the diapers of this diaper. The usher pulled everything off and tossed them onto the seat next to him. Without hesitation the usher took Joey’s hard cock in his mouth and began sucking him. It felt so good Joey squirmed in his seat and tried not to make any noises out loud. He watched the usher pull his own briefs down enough to pull his boner out and start jacking himself off.

Joey felt his tongue swirl around the head of his penis and move up and down the shaft. It felt great but Joey wanted to get a taste of the usher’s cock. So Joey quietly slid down onto the sticky floor. Joey lay underneath the usher who was on all fours so that they could take each others’ dicks in their mouths. As Joey sucked the usher’s cock, he could feel himself building to a climax. Both boys exploded at the same time, releasing their pent-up cum.

No sooner had the last drop of sperm oozed out of Joey’s dick when the usher quickly got up, grabbed his pants and shoes, and slipped discretely through a side door. Joey was sure he had to get back to work before anyone noticed he had disappeared. Joey sat back in his seat, re-taped his diaper and pulled his plastic pants back on. He sat through the rest of the movie in his just his diaper and soft firetruck plastic pants. We wet the diaper and rubbed it slowly throughout the movie. When it was over got up to retrieve his clothes from the row in front of him. His socks kept sticking to the floor as he walked. He found his shorts and pulled them on, then stepped back into his sneakers. When he looked up he saw the usher standing in front of him, smiling.

“I thought I better walk you out to make sure nobody bothered you.” Joey again smiled, blushed, and muttered his thanks. He had become suddenly shy in front of this cute guy. Joey was following the usher out when he stepped onto a particularly sticky area of the theater floor. His sneakers stuck to the floor and didn’t want to budge. As Joey walked his feet came right out of the sneakers. He just walked out of them, leaving them stuck to the floor. He thought maybe the usher would find them later. He walked out of the theater in his socks.

On his way out the door, the usher said, “See you later,” and handed him a piece of paper. Joey thanked him and walked outside. He opened up the paper on which was written a phone number and the name Jeremy. Joey smiled and stuck it inside his sock. He didn’t have any pockets in his shorts, so had his money and everything stuck in his socks.

Joey waddled to a greasy spoon restaurant near the movie house to get some french fries. He liked the boy, Tony, who worked there. He was several years older than Joey and was the son of the man who owned the diner. “Hi Tony,” said Joey when he walked in.

“Hi Joey,” said Tony. He looked down and saw that Joey had walked in wearing just his socks. “Hey, little man, you are supposed to have shoes on in here.”

Joey looked at his socks and said, “Sorry, I lost them.”

“That’s O.K., little man,” said Tony. “My dad is not here so he won’t see. Just sit in the booth way in the back so nobody sees.”

“O.K., thanks,” said Joey, heading for the booth. Almost as soon as he had sat down, Tony brought him a soda and sat down in the booth across from him.

“I am beat,” said Tony. “I’ve been working since six o’clock this morning. You don’t mind if I sit with you a minute, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind,” said Joey. In fact he was glad.

“My feet are killing me,” said Tony. “You have the right idea, little man. Aw, that feels better,” said Tony, pushing his sneakers off of his feet. “It feels good to get those shoes off.”

Joey could feel Tony place his warm socked feet on top of his own. He wasn’t sure if Tony realized he had placed his feet right on top of Joey’s or not.

After a few minutes Tony said, “So what do you want to eat?”

“Just some fries.”

“Is that all, little man? You sure don’t eat much. I’ll have them for you in a minute,” said Tony, getting up. “I guess I better get these back on,” he said, shoving his feet back into his sneakers.

Tony left to get the fries, and Joey went to the restroom to check on his diaper. He got back to the table just as Tony was brining the fries. Tony noticed Joey’s plastic pants showing through his shorts. “Hey little man, what is that on your undies?”

“Firetrucks. Want to see? They’re actually plastic pants over my diaper through…”

“Sure I want to see!” said Tony. Joey pulled his shorts down to Tony could get a good
look what he was wearing. “Those are awesome! I love the way that soaked diaper makes them bulge. Also I always wanted to be a fireman.”

“Really?” asked Joey. “I didn’t know that. Why don’t you do it?”

“I can’t,” said Tony, “I have to help out my father here in the diner.” He almost looked like he had a tear in his eye talking about it.

Just then another customer walked in the door, and Joey quickly pulled his shorts back up and sat down.

“Sorry about that,” said Tony. “Here’s your fries. They are on-the-house, by the way. I’ll be back,” he said, walking over to greet the man who had just walked in.

Joey ate his food, and Tony occasionally stopped by the table to chat. After Joey thanked him for the fries, Tony said, “Anytime, little man. See you later,” and walked back into the kitchen.

Joey looked over to see if the man was watching, then decided he didn’t care if he was or not. He quickly pulled his shorts off, then pulled the firetruck plastic briefs off. He pulled his shorts back on. Joey put the plastic pants on the seat, a little present he thought Tony would like, and left the diner.

As Joey walked down the street, his cock rubbed against the warm padding of his diaper under his silky shorts. He had never worn these shorts without plastic pants before, and the fabric was rubbing very nicely against the diaper, giving him a boner. He walked to the video store near his house, thinking he might rent a dvd. Joey liked the store because he could go into the back room where they kept the porno dvds.

As soon as Joey walked into the back room, the two men already there turned to look at him. One was about thirty and the other about forty. Joey started looking at the dvds, occasionally grabbing his boner inside his shorts and diaper so that the men would see. Then all of a sudden, both men walked up behind Joey. One man took hold of Joey’s shirt, and Joey lifted his arms up to allow the man to pull it off of him. The other man grabbed Joey’s shorts and pulled them down. Joey lifted up his legs to allow him to pull the shorts all the way off. They pulled on the tapes and his diaper plopped down between his ankles.

Joey was incredibly turned on having two strangers undress him in the video store. Anybody could walk in and see him naked except for his socks and sporting a boner. One of the men started stroking Joey’s cock while the other man fingered his behind. Then the man who had been jacking him knelt down in front of him and took Joey’s cock in his mouth. Then the man behind him, the thirty year-old, began to grind his crotch against Joey’s behind.

Joey moaned, enjoying the feeling of having a man on each side of him. “Oh, oh, oh,” he said softly as he felt his orgasm coming on. He let out a load grunt and started to shoot his cum which landed on the face of the man in front of him. Simultaneously both men came in their pants from watching
Joey spunk. After he came Joey found that the tapes on his diaper were ruined so quickly pulled his shorts back on and tossed the diaper. More sperm oozed out of the head of his cock and created a wet spot on the front of the shorts.

Joey left the shop and walked toward home. Then he realized he had left his shirt behind and also forgotten to rent a dvd. He noticed he had pissed his shorts a bit and figured he had just gotten used wearing diapers all the time these days. He walked the rest of the way home wearing just the wet, thin white shorts and his white socks. The wet spot on the front of his shorts spread and became bigger, making the shorts completely see-through. All the men he walked past looked down to see Joey’s semi-erect cock head clearly showing through the thin, wet shorts.

Later that night Joey’s dad scolded him as he had done many times before about being careless and losing clothes. He told Joey that he needed to get a job, even just part-time employment. He had arranged for a job interview for his son for the next day. Joey fell asleep thickly padded again that night wondering what the next day had in store for him.

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