Elliott, have you poohed in your pants?

When I was 14, I was really good friends with a guy called Elliott, he was fit and the first person I ever had a secret crush on! At weekends we would go to each others houses and spend all afternoon playing Nintendo games.

One afternoon we were playing together in his room – there was no noise other than that of the game. In the background his Mum was doing housework, but she didn’t know I was there.

I remember hearing his Mum sorting out the washing in the bathroom and she suddenly shouted : Elliott, Elliott have you poohed in your pants? Elliott dropped his controller and ran out of his room shouting NO!

Needless to say I ran after him and his Mum was stood just outside the bathroom holding up a pair of red and white striped undies that were heavily soiled. His Mum shouted, ‘what are these then Elliott, you must have poohed in your pants’ I was inclined to agree and stood in silence waiting for Elliotts answer. He replied ‘I didn’t do that, Phil must have done it’ – Phil was his brother and just a year older than him – they did share clothes so there was a small chance that this could be true.

His Mum looked really angry, but suddenly noticed me so said wait til your Dad comes home – she turned away and carried on with the washing. Elliott came back into his room and was extremely red faced – he went back over to the game and carried on playing as if nothing had happened.

Sadly I didn’t stay long enough for his Dad to get home, so I never did find out whether it was Elliott or Phil that had poohed in their pants, plus we never ever taked about it. I’m pretty sure from his reaction that it was Elliott and I just wish I had been there when he had done it

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  1. I wonder whay he left the solied undies in the laundry basket? That’s asking for trouble!

  2. I know, I had wondered that myself. I suspect he had tried to hide them within other clothes – perhaps in the trouser leg of some trackie bottoms

  3. Que ce soit Elliott ou Phil, peu importe, un accident peut arriver à n’importe qui, j’ai aussi fait un petit pipi dans un slip (quelques jets), mais pas de caca, je me retenais ou je trouvais un endroit tranquille pour faire mon gros besoin quand j’étais gamin !!!

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