Ellie's garden games

Ellie laid back on the grass and let out a contented sigh. It was a bright, warm August afternoon, and she and her boyfriend were frolicking in the back garden of her parent’s country house. The elders were out for the day, so it was just her, John, and a jug of pimms. They’d been dozing, drinking and laughing for most of the afternoon, and all the while allowing the sexual tension to build; Ellie gently rubbing the front of John’s shorts, and he running his fingers under her dress and up the inside of her thighs. All this absent minded teasing was par for the course for two horny 24 year olds, but they knew exactly where it was heading.  
For as long as she could remember, Ellie had been turned on by the idea of being desperate to wee, and the risk of having an accident in her knickers. As she was growing up she’d constantly be looking for the naughtiest place to empty her bladder, and whenever she knew she was alone she loved nothing more than getting as desperate as she could stand, before feeling the warm release flow through her knickers and down her legs. At first a gentle trickle, quickly followed by a cascade, her pee loudly hissing out of her tight, sodden cunt and through her panties, as she strummed her swollen clit. This routine never failed to bring her to a shaking, panting climax, and as such, she did it whenever she got the chance. She had freely admitted this to John, and he was more than happy to facilitate her naughty games.
And so on this particular afternoon, most of a jug of pimms gone, and wearing nothing but her frilly knickers and a pretty floral print summer dress, Ellie became acutely aware of the pressing need in her bladder. She had started to squirm suggestively, and John, with a fiendish grin emerging, had taken that as his cue:
“Oh dear, do you need to go to the toilet, Ellie?”
She bit her lower lip, her shoulder length brunette hair blowing across her face, and nodded, before sitting up.
“Well in that case you should probably go to the toilet, we don’t want you to have an accident, do we?”
She blushed, looked at the floor and crossed her legs. “Don’t want to go to the toilet” she said in a very small voice.
“Oh no? And why’s that?” enquired John, a clear bulge emerging at the front of his tight shorts.
“Want to have an accident” replied Ellie, biting her finger as she did so, “Want to do a nice wee wee in my knickers”.
She inched forward on her knees towards John, who was now sitting up, and reached a hand out to the front of his shorts, gently rubbing the hard cock that was straining for release underneath.
“Oh dear, I’m going to piss myself” she choked out “Going to wet myself like a little girl for you”. She hitched the hem of her dress up slightly, enough so her pink knickers were visible underneath, and straddled John, crouching over his upper legs and crotch as she faced him, her damp knicker clad pussy only a few inches above the bulge in his shorts.
“You can hold it can’t you?” he whispered in her ear as he nuzzled her neck, “only little girls wee in their knickers”.
She let out a gasp of arousal before looking him in the eye “I can’t help it, I’m doing a wee wee. I’m doing it. Oh I’m wetting my knickers”. With that, a damp patch emerged at the front of her knickers, followed by a yellow trickle running down her leg, and then a more forceful stream, soaking the back of her dress and splattering and pooling all over John’s crotch.
“I’ve wee weed my knickers” she whimpered, as she slowly grinded against the warm wet fabric, and the resistance of John’s raging erection. “Mmm, I’ve been a very naughty little girl”. John was rampant now, frantically tugging at her knickers with the overwhelming urge to enter her, but snapping out of the trance, Ellie pulled back, causing him to groan.
“Imagine if I’d been wearing my miniskirt” she said mischievously, “you’d still be able to see my knickers after I’d wet myself”.
John liked the idea, and as desperate as they both were to fuck, the idea of delayed gratification was also appealing.
“Do you want me to go inside and put my little skirt on? I could be like a naughty little school girl then!” And then, to John’s surprise, “The only thing is… I need the toilet even worse now”.
“Oh no, does Ellie still need to wee?”
“No, It’s worse. I should really go to the loo first… I need to do a poo”.
John was taken aback, but the idea made his cock twitch. “Oh dear, well I’d really like to see you in your miniskirt first”.
Ellie could barely contain herself inside, she’d always been intrigued about being this naughty, and now here was the chance presenting itself. She composed herself, feigning shyness and looking down. “Hmm, ok. If I go and change maybe we can play a game. You can stop me going to the toilet like a big girl if you want to”.
John was struggling to compose himself, and his hand had absent mindedly moved to his groin. “Yes, you’re just going to have to be good and hold on like a big girl”.
Ellie pursed her lips, but there was unmistakeable delight on her face. “Ok then, I’m going to put a naughty little skirt on for you. Stay still, I want it to be a surprise. I want to come back and tease you even more by saying I’ve wet my knickers”.
As she went inside, it took John all he had to not start wanking right there and then. For Ellie’s part, the pressure in her bowels was getting more and more intense, and, combined with her pre-orgasmic levels of arousal, was making her moan softly as she got changed into a tiny little skirt in her room.
When she returned, she stood in the centre of the lawn, legs crossed, one hand crumpling a fold in her pretty pleated mini-skirt. She was pouting, with mock sadness, and let out a despondent whimper “done a wee wee in my knickers”.
She slowly walked towards John, who was sat in the same spot, gobsmacked. “Do you think I look pretty?” she said as she slowly lifted the front of her skirt to reveal her sodden pink knickers, “I’ve still got my wet knickers on.”
John could only offer a breathless response, “You look beautiful you naughty little girl.”
“Done a naughty little pee pee” said Ellie, as she slowly lowered herself into the previous position above John’s crotch, “Your naughty little Ellie has wet herself. There was a line outside the girl’s toilet, and she couldn’t make it in time”.
John was sweating now, his hands were trembling from the intense arousal. “Do you want to look up my skirt?” Ellie enquired with a wide eyed, innocent expression. “I’m wearing very pretty knickers”.
“Yes please naughty girl” replied John, wanting more confessions, “Didn’t you make it to the girl’s toilet?”
Ellie crouched down a bit more, her hand resting on John’s bulge, “No, I didn’t make it, and I’ve wee weed in my knickers.” She leaned forward slightly so her face was a few inches from his. “I’ve made my knickers pissy… and I need the girl’s toilet even worse now”.
“But someone’s in there” John replied, “you’re going to have to wait”.
“Oh… but please” Ellie protested. “I *can’t* hold on… I’m going to do a poo in my pants”.
She instinctively turned round and re-positioned herself, so her back was to John and her skirt rode up, revealing her tight, peach like bottom, clad in her sodden knickers. 
“Oh dear” she whimpered, “Going to poo-poo my knickers. In my pretty little mini skirt. Not going to make it to the toilet in time.”
“Try to hold on. Only very naughty girls do that” replied John breathlessly, fixing his gaze at her gorgeous bottom, and rubbing her thighs in anticipation.
“I’m wearing my naughtiest little skirt and I’m letting you look at my knickers cos I’ve pissed in them. Oh and I’m going to do a poo. Oh no… I need to do a poo and it’s coming”. 
Ellie crouched down further so her bum was grazing John’s leg, and turned to look back at him “Oh no, you can see up my little skirt. You can see where I’ve wee’d my knickers. Oh I’ve done something very naughty and now I need to go to the toilet again and I’m going to poo-poo in my knicks”.
With that she leaned forward and let out a tiny little grunt, looking back again at John with a whimper, “I’m doing a poo. I can’t make it to the toilet. Oh no, look.”
Ellie laid her hands on the ground in front of her, bearing down, and a loud, sticky crackling noise emerged from her bottom as she began to push out a semi-soft shit into her knickers. She was past speaking now, only softly moaning, as John tried to grind the front of his shorts into her emerging bulge. It quickly grew, the soft crackling continuing as the round bulge of poo pushed her knickers out, until it was the size of an orange, and John could see the golden brown fudgy mess poking out of one of the legbands of her ruined knickers.
With a final sigh she turned round, her face flushed with exertion and raging arousal. “I’ve pooed myself. I’ve been a very bad girl. Couldn’t help it.” John frantically pulled his already unzipped shorts down, finally unleashing his rock hard, weeping cock, and directed it under Ellie as she moved herself up and pulled the front of her knickers to the side. Then she lowered herself down, expertly guiding John’s cock until it effortlessly slid up into her warm, sodden cunt. She ground into him as hard as she could, feeling him fill her completely, as the mess in her knickers squashed all over her bottom and up against his pubic bone. Faster and faster she rode him, reverse cowgirl, strumming her clit furiously and loudly wailing, taking full advantage of their solitude, screaming with joy. The stimulation of her clit, the size of John’s raging cock filling her, and the obscene feeling of her own soft shit being spread all over her round bum cheeks quickly became too much. She let out a scream as she came, her cunt pulsating and gripping John’s cock like a warm, fleshy vice. This was too much for him, and he felt the most intense orgasm he could remember building from his arsehole, as he cried out and fired thick jets of cum up into her cunt. 
She collapsed, exhausted onto his front, her breasts popping out of her summer top, as he remained inside her until he went soft, the cum leaking out of her and into her pooed and wee’d in knickers, before pulling herself off him and rolling over on her side. They gazed at each other, still panting, and greedily kissed, John’s hand reaching down to knead the mess in Ellie’s knickers as she softly moaned.
“So when do you parents next go away” he asked; the mischievous grin returning… 

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  1. This was one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Makes me want to put some of my writings out here. This story would be a dream come true for me!

  2. I love it.
    I pulled it into WordPad greatly expanded the story.
    I will send the expanded version if you would like to read it. It has a lot of panties in it.

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