Ellie first act

Elaine casually walked in from work. She made her way to her kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine and leaned back to review the day. The customer service job she had just started was a good paying job, but the customers were very difficult. She sipped her wine remembering some of the situations. she began to role play the situations. she thought to herself how she should have responded to one that said she over drew on her account and was embarrassed it had never happened to her before and she thought, here’s a good response: I understand Miss it can be embarrassing just like wetting or pooping in your pants!. Ellie giggled as she sent acrid urine down the legs of her taupe work pants. I wonder what she would have done then? She imagined the look on the woman’s face if she had stood there and soaked her pants. she thought of the blonde woman in the snug fitting denim skirt and how she too was embarrassed because she missed a payment on her new furniture. Elaine thought and then said; It’s ok, at least you didn’t shit your pants and sit on the furniture! Ellie giggled as she laid a good pound of brown poop in the seat of her already pee soaked pants!

What a day it would have been she thought as she fondled the warm lump in the back of her taupe slacks. Ellie sat down and let the crap in her pants explore her ass and inner thighs. the feeling was amazing. Ellie looked over at her cell phone that started to ring. She picked it up and said Hello? it was her niece Kelly. Oh my Ellie thought, if she only knew I was sitting her in pooper pissed pants. Ellie giggled and Kelly asked what was so funny and Ellie said “nothing dear im just enjoying a glass of wine. Ellie stood and felt the warm lump fall back and cause her pants to bulge she brushed her hand over the pile and then took a good whiff, phew she thought to her self I really stink. She concluded her conversation with her 19 year old niece and sat back down in her pooper piss packed pants. She had an idea.

She thought that perhaps when Kelly came over on Saturday for wine she would pretend to get too drunk and fill her pants right in front of her niece. She thought how wicked that would be. She wondered what her niece would think or do, would she do what she had a fantasy about? would she bend down and sniff her aunts poopy pants? would she feel the huge lump and begin to masturbate? Would she soak her jeans and sniff her pants? would she too make a dump in her jeans and want to play? All of this ran through her mind as she sipped another glass of Merlot.

Ellie stiffly and slowly walked up to her room and took down her full pants and inspected them by holding them up. Her nose inhaled the aroma of the fresh shit mess and she fingered herself to orgasm. She was so turned on about her fantasy and she decided to try it that Saturday.

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