Ellens 5 Day Big One

The journey from the restaurant to his place usually took about an hour, give or take for the traffic.
Ellen shifted her weight in the passenger seat as the need to shit came on again, stronger this time. “Oh, not now”, she said quietly. “Huh?”, Joe replied from the drivers seat.

She wondered whether she should just tell him, he was going to have to find out eventually. They had been dating for a month now but her bowels had never presented her with such a case of bad timing, until now. “Nothing”, she replied, “I’m just a little sore”. He wondered for a second what she meant then said “Oh yeah I forgot to ask, how was the gym?”.

“Yeah, good”, she replied, then started listing all the exercises she did during an ‘arms’ day. It had to be said that Ellen was a physically imposing woman. Standing at over 6 feet tall she was just an inch or so shorter than Joe, but she was in excellent shape. She was no bodybuilder but she didn’t want to be. She did enough that you could see the muscle definition all over her very well-toned athletic body. When she stood on the bathroom scales she saw a number that would upset a lot of women her age, but on Ellen it was all muscle, there was barely any fat on her slender, toned frame.

She stopped listing exercises as her bowels announced their discomfort again, more intensely this time too. “No cardio?”, asked Joe. “A little bit…not…not too much today”, she told him. It was obvious from her strained voice that something was wrong.

“El, what’s up?”, he asked. She fidgeted in the passenger seat before telling him “Joe…I need to shit real bad, you don’t understand”. “I think I understand shitting”, he said with a laugh, “I’ve done it before”.

“No…you see the thing is…”, she started to say, still fidgeting, “My body does this odd thing where I don’t feel the need to shit for many days, then suddenly it comes on all at once”. He though about this for a second than said “Right…so how long has it been?”. “I went on Monday, at work”, she said. “El”, he started, “It’s Saturday fucking night now!”. “Yeah”, came her strained reply. “You’re telling me you haven’t shit in, what, five days now?”. “Yeah”.

“I don’t know why this happens!”, she retorted with a laugh. “Given how much I eat you’d think it impossible”. He though about what she’d said, she did eat a lot, she had to with all the working out she did. Going to the gym 3-4 times a week and maintaining all that muscle demanded it. “We were together Monday evening, you ate about twice what I did, right?”, he asked. “I did…pasta was it?”, she said as she leaned forwards in her seat, cradling her abdomen. “Also, don’t you have a huge breakfast most of the time?”, he asked. “Yeah I do, omlette, cerial, some protein bars, toast…”, her voice trailed off as she gripped the sides of her seat and winced. “and it all just comes out at once after five days?”, he asked in disbelief. “Usually between four and six”, she said through gritted teeth.

“I can’t even imagine…”, he said as he tried picturing her forcing it all out. It was a sexy image. “I need to see this!”, he said. “Hey!”, she snapped back, secretly glad that he had said something like that rather than being disgusted, “My shitting time is my private time!”, she said, again laughing. “No…I need to see what five days of shit looks like coming from someone with your diet…didn’t you eat a whole 14 inch pizza to yourself on Thurday evening?”, he said. “That was a treat night…I did a lot of cardio on…uuuggghhhh”, she said as her voice trailed off into strained moaning.

“So..”, he started, “When we had sex last night, you were holding 4 days worth of shit inside?”. “I wasn’t holding it as such”, she said, still squirming, “It just didn’t need to come out yet…now though…NOW I’m holding it”. He was still thinking about the sex. Their love life was quite the experience. Ellen could easily phyically overpower most people, and when she got really horny she would often become very physcial indeed. Joe loved how during their sex sessions it often felt as though he was grappling wild animal, then as Ellen came closer and closer to orgasm she would go more and more limp, almost docile as she was plowed into until she reached a climax.

While Joe was happily lost in his thoughts of their love life, Ellen was barely holding it together. She held her breath as the force inside her rectum grew, then panted and squirmed as the tip of the shit started to make her opening sting and twitch. Unknown to her, Ellens body was being especially unkind tonight. Right behind her asshole lay the bulbous, thick end of a very large and firm shit, dry enough that she could keep it in. Barely. But with each contraction more and more loose wet shit from deep in her bowels was being forced forwards, squeezing its way between the solid log and her inside walls, not only making the turd even wider but lubricating it too. Every contraction she fought off just meant the next one would be worse. Just a few more and the wet shit would reach her opening, having coated the monster completely. There would be no keeping it back after that.

Joe wondered if she had ever accidentally shit during sex, it seemed like a pertinent question. “El, have you ever accidentally shit…”, his voice trailed off as he turned to look at her. She was writhing and rocking in her seat. He turned back to the road, afraid he would crash the car if he didn’t. “Of course I’ve accidentally shit before!”, she cried, “and I’m going to do it again if we don’t get to your place soon, where are we?”. “Nearly there, like actually only a few minutes away”, he said.

“There was this one time…back when I was working as a lifeguard”, she started to explain during a moment of relief, “You know, where you have to sit by the pool and cannot leave until the next guard comes? Anyway, I was three hours into my shift…ohhhh…uuuggghhhhh”. She cut the story short as she descended into agonised groaning.

“I’m sorry if I block the toilet!”, she whimpered as she fought off the urge. “It’s OK”, Joe replied, fully intending to not let her near the toilet in the first place anyway. He needed to see this come out. Ellen kept her anus clenched as hard as she could and gripped the sides of her seat again. As the urge lessened she was shocked to feel a little bit of wet shit had entered her panties. “SHIT!”, she exclaimed. It was the most appropriate thing anyone could have said.

They arrived at his home and she stumbled inside with him following her. Once Indoors, she went for the stairs but he gripped her by the hips and pulled her towards him. She knew what was up at this point, and the agony in her rectum demanded that she just go with it. She walked over to the wall and leaned forwards against it. Joe slid her skirt and underwear down then parted her buttocks as he knelt behind her. The skin around her asshole was stained brown. He ran a finger around her opening as it suddenly burst open, greeting him with a shit that was much wider than her hole. She grunted as she tried to push it out, stretching her open to a horribly uncomfortable width.

Ellen was, if anything, glad that Joe doing this. Glad that he hadn’t been disgusted by this. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he had a hand down his shorts and was slowly stroking himself down there. Her pussy flooded with relief as she painfully tried to push the contents of her rectum out.

Nothing could emerge, there was simply not big enough a hole to push the log through. But as the next terrible contraction arrived her sphincter muscles simply gave up, leaving her hole free to be pulled as wide as it could be without ripping the skin. The big rounded head of the shit started to force its way out. Ellen cried out in pain, “Ahhhhh….fuck…fuck….uuggghhhhh”.

Joe was transfixed by the emerging shit, it looked far too big to be real. It moved a half-inch or so out everytime there was a contraction, then it stopped. Ellen gasped and moaned with every movement. She quivered as more and more knobbly turd moved past her destroyed sphincter, twisting and stabbing at her splayed anus on the way out.

It was too much for Joe to bear. He tore off his shorts and underwear and stood behind her with his dick throbbing and aching. It was taking all his willpower not to grab it and jizz all over her rear. She reached back and gripped his dick, they both knew where it was going. The next push caused her to clench the hand that was around his cock as the log grew. Fearing injury, he unclasped her hand from his manhood and looked at her asshole. There was a thick shit sticking about 8 inches out of her at this point.

“Oh fuck…it’s too big!”, she cried out as she pushed hard but could barely move the shit any further out. She tried again and managed to move another inch or so out, slowly, and quivering all over as she did so.

“I can’t take this”, Joe said, “Clench as hard as you can, Ellen”. She screamed in agony as she tried to pinch her asshole closed as hard as she could, painfully cutting through the log and sending the emerged portion crashing to the floor. As soon as it fell he plunged his penis into her backside. “Joe…I’m not done yet, there’s still…ohhhh”, she tried to say as she felt him fiercely pump away inside her. The need to shit was still intense but there was no way to satisfy it with him plowing away at her. She reached down and started to rub her clitoris.

The feeling in her anus was exquisite, bringing her closer to orgasm than her rubbing could alone. Eventually she felt Joe grab her around the lower abdomen and shove himself deep inside her, burying his dick in the mess inside, holding himself there as he grunted and moaned, finishing inside her. Exhausted, he pulled out and she brought herself to a quivering orgasm as the remains of the log forced its way out of her, dripping with semen. There was still a lot to come out and despite the battering it had just taken was still firm enough to cause discomfort.

The shit fell to the floor. If Joe didn’t know better he would have thought about three people must have shit in the same place. She turned to face him, sweating and quivering. “Well”, she panted, “I guess that’s a thing we enjoy now!”. He laughed and held her close. “Shower together?”, he suggested. “Let’s clean up first”, she replied, “then shower”.

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