Early to work

Used to be a building contractor, I was working on a house where we had to turn off the plumbing so we had a portable toilet in the driveway.
I showed up early one morning parked on the street and walked down, I noticed the owners girlfriend was there so I went to the front door to go in but it was still locked. As I walked to the garage I could hear somebody grunting from inside the portable toilet…..I froze and listened….. oh my GOD it was her, she was taking a shit!! It sounded like she was working pretty hard at it, my dick got so hard as I listened. Her sweet voice grunting and breathing hard after each attempt……she let out one long groan and then I heard It hit the water, she mumbled something and said ”shit”. I heard her pull the toilet paper roll so I quietly walk away. My dick was REALLY hard and I could feel it pulse with my heartbeat and felt a wet spot starting from the pre-cum. After she came out she walked around the side of the house I was on (SHIT) my back was to her, she walked up and said ”Hi!”…………..well fuck now what do I do because I had a rock hard dick in my pants. I pretended to mess with the gas meter on the side of the house and turned my head and said “hello”, she said she was there to pick something up and that they would both be back later. Anyway.. after she left I had to go see and went back to the portable toilet to take a look, as strange as it might sound it smelled good, something about her shit and perfume…..then my dick started to get hard again. Well I looked in and to my benefit the portable toilet company had just emptied it the day before………so there it was all by itself caught in toilet paper half floating in the blue water, beautiful dark, hard 6” long and about 1 1/2” across…..I just stood there and imagined what it looked like coming out of her ass, I wanted to jerk off SO bad but I heard a truck of another worker approaching so I went inside to start work and let my dick and myself calm down. By the way she was beautiful Mom of two, very athletic. That was a long day until I got home and jerked off, think it hit the ceiling LOL.

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  1. awesome story must have been hell not been able to Jerk off! Didn’t dare do it incase they heard or walked in 🙂

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