Early morning poopin’

This morning i awoke to find out I needed badly to poop. But then I noticed how nice the morning looked and thought it would be better if I just put on my tight swim trunks and go down to the lake – about 1.5 miles away. As I was driving to the lake I felt I could not hold it any more so I let a bunch out to where it was not hurting to hold it back. It felt pretty good and I had to be careful not to sit in all of it for fear it would come out under my leg openings and be all over the seat. As I arrived at the lake, I saw a few girls swimming about and they seemed to be not really concerned about me. I locked my vehicle, hid my keys, and took 2 of the beers I brought with me. (Ever drink a beer at 9 Am). I made my way out into the lake and as I got my ass above the water line, I started walking opposite those girls and away from them. As I was walking up the lake, i let some more out and it seemed to be getting full quickly. I gave it one more final thrust and a never ending amount of poop came out that time. My trunks were completely full and I felt so good. I started rubbing my dick and it didn’t take long at all to cum. Ohhh, it felt soooo good!!! I found a nice peninsula of soft mud and sit down spreading the poop all around and out my leg openings. I stayed here for about an hour enjoying the aftermath. Then I went out in deep water and swam around for about an hour to get my trunks clean. After I was sure all was cleaned, I headed back to my vehicle then drove to the local restaurant for some breakfast even though it was almost 11 AM. I can sure say I had a lot of fun today and I’ll be back again in a few days for more.

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  1. Oh yes.I find that when you poop your panties and masturbate with the poop you have the most amazing orgasm every time.Many of my girl friends say it is better than when they have sex with a guy.I think the excitement of pooping your pants raises your libido level and your feelings are more intense.Pooping your trunks and then swimming is a good idea as you can wash them nearly clean as you swim.

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