Early Bird Special

It was the morning time and Jared was going out for a jog. He was having his breakfast of fiber cereal and coffee. He had finished eating and was all set to go. He started on his jog. Jared was a very fit muscular guy. As he was jogging, his stomach began bubbling. Jared thought it was just gas so he released a little pressure off his belly and squeezed a couple farts out. A few minutes later his stomach began bubbling again. This time the bubbling was even worse. He came to the conclusion that eating that fiber cereal and drinking coffee wasn’t a good combination for his jog. He was still jogging but his stomach was still bothering him. He was now in the park. He stopped to see if there was a bathroom nearby. There were none available for him. He had to do something quick. He looked and seen the were many bushes around so he went behind them. He pulled down his sweatpants and underwear and squated. As he pushed it was like a water cannon of watery shit painting the bushes brown. He pushed out huge screaming farts and wet large turds. Jared was feeling relieved but he wasn’t done. He pushed again and more diarrhea shit came squirting out like a water hose. He stood up and looked down at the master piece he created. Jared enjoyed the poop he had outside, so every morning before his jog he ate two big bowls of fiber cereal and a big cup of coffee and jogged his way to the bushes in the park.

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