Earliest pee adventure 4 – Backward pee

At about 10 years old I had never witnessed an actual pee accident. But, one day I saw one that changed my perspective about wetting.

In the Fourth grade our teacher had a mandatory schedule of visiting the school library at least once per week. We were required to check out and read at least one book per week. During one visit to the library I overheard a girl classmate ask the teacher to use the restroom. The teacher looked at the clock and said that library time was almost over and she could use the restroom on the way back to class.

The girl said – loudly – that she needed to go now!! The teacher repeated that she had to wait. The girl, obviously desperate, decided not to listen to the teacher and proceded to walk quickly out of the library. As she walked she placed her hand firmly against the front of her skirt. Then, suddenly, the back of her skirt developed a large wet spot. As she scurried out of the library the wet spot grew.

At 10 years old I had limited knowledge of female anatomy. So, seeing pee soaking the back of her skirt was an amazing event for me. I had to try to duplicate this vision.

I needed to wait for an opportunity to be alone for a while, because I knew engineering my dick into a position to shoot backwards would take some time. Finally the opportunity arrived. My siblings were off at friends, my father was at work, and my mother was at a neighbor’s house smoking and gossiping. I experimented with my own underwear to hold my dick in the correct position, but that did not work well. I then tried my sister’s panties, and I was able to firmly hold my dick into a position pointing backwards.

I put on the panties, shifted my dick, and slipped on my jeans. I stood in front of a mirror, but I could not see my butt. I grabbed a hand-mirror, and was able to get a clear view of my ass. I then let go.

It was the most fantastic feeling and sight…I was pissing backwards!!! The back of my pants quickly developed a wet spot in exactly the same way the girl’s skirt wet. The wet went up my butt crack and down my legs. I tried this again several times over the years, but I haven’t done it lately. Maybe it’s time again……..

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