Earliest pee adventure 3 – Sand Box

When I reached eight years old I was no longer peeing when desperate – I learned that peeing just for fun was…well…fun!!

I remember the first time I pissed my pants just because I wanted to. A neighbor boy about my age had a thing for sand boxes. He demanded that his father build him his own sand box to play. So…his father installed an olympic sized sand box in their back yard. It was great! It was bigger and better equiped than the tiny one we had at our elementary school.

One day we were playing in his grand sandbox, and his sister (about 4 years old) wanted to play in the box with us. He yelled at her to go away and threw a hand-full of sand at her. She started to cry and their mother took notice. The mother made my friend go inside the house for a time-out as punishment for making his sister cry.

That left me and an annoying little girl in the sand box. I needed to pee really, really bad. I decided that I wasn’t going to wait for it to get unbearable – I wanted to pee Now!! So…I came up with a plan.

I sat down on the sand and I asked the girl of she wanted to see some magic. She giggled and said, “sure!” I sat with spread legs and scooped some sand to make a kind-of ramp covering my crotch. I said, “Watch this, I can make water come out of the sand.” I started to pee and a wet circle appeared in the sand. She giggled and asked me to do it again. I scooped more sand to make a thin dry layer over my crotch. Then…more magic.

I did this several more times, until I had a large pile of wet sand covering my crotch. I got up and said, “Magic time over.” Her brother came back out, and we played for several more hours. When the sand and my pants dried, I just brushed off the sand and went home.

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