Dyed Poop

Well it wasn’t really dyed but because I had eaten something in large quanity my shit changed its natural color. So one day I had a craving for jellied candy called orange slices. I bought a mega box at Walmart and ate practically the entire box in an evening sitting. Well I was amazed the next day when I messed in my pants on purpose and then pulled my underpants down to see the size of my shit. I love staring at large piles of shit in my pants. Well, my shit was tinged orangish. Then after sitting in that funky colored shit I had orangish, brown colored underpants. eeeew it was so cool. I wish I had a photo of it but maybe ai could try eating more orange slices again and then do a load in my pants colored orangish-brown.

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  1. love it !! spinach does the same thing from the iron content, and its looks like a martian shit lol. done it many times and have stained some good shorts. you gotta get pictures next time !! keep up the happy pooping !!

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