During the conference call

I am on a conf call with Houston at the moment which is going to be 8 hours long. Only 2 have passed and I already have to pee. Badly. It’s hard to concentrate but I can’t leave it for a pee brake, as it is very important. I have leaked a bit into my pants, can feel it around my balls. Good thing I work from home. The tip of my penis is burning with the need to urinate. I most likely won’t make it until the planned brake. I am full aware I am going to end up with soaked pants, but I still don’t want to fully accept it. After all I am working. And I should not wet myself during work. I try with all my strength to keep it back, but another jet of my hot piss soaks my underwear. It starts to look on my pants too. It begins to get hard to concentrate on the call. My boss is on the screen speaking and a lung spurt soaks into my already wet pants. I loosen my belt to relieve some of the pressure on my bladder, but that’s not much help. I start to feel my bum getting wet. I do not want to ruin my seat, so I stand up, at least I can easily clean up the floor. I hold my penis with both hands, but my bladder is exhausted. It start releasing its contents. I can’t stop it now. I feel it cascading down my leg, wetting my underwear, pants and socks. I am done. I peed myself full force during an important business call. What a shame. What a mess. What a feeling. I might get some extra car in forms of diaper for tomorrow’s call…

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  1. It happened a few times in our house. Mostly in the days when there was only one phone and it was tied to the wall by a cable. One day a friend made frantic signs , asking me to come and take the phone. I rushed over but as I reached her,she signed me to go back again and pointing to her wet jeans mouthed the words “to late” and continued the conversation.

    A couple ot times I ended up with wet pants without realising it because I was engrossed in the conversation and had delayed ending the call because I thought the need to pee wasn’t urgent -how wrong can you be!

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