Dump into white boxers

This is the story of the pics I posted last night of my session in white boxers Didn’t have time for a dump that morning so I could feel it building all day . As I do gardening and maintenance work involving lots of bending, straining and lifting, it wasn’t long before I knew I was in deep trouble First the rumbling then a series of farts which got more intense and stinky by the hour Just when I thought I could go home to safety and enjoy filling those boxers, I got a call to help a guy get some stuff out his loft How I didn’t shit right in his face I’ll never know, he went downstairs and I let out a huge and nearly fatal fart, it fairly shook the walls. I left quickly before he got the stink.

¬†At last on way home, by now I am clenching my cheeks but it’s no good, that turd’s on its way out Racing upstairs feeling the end of it pushing into my boxers I barely have time to grab the iPad before I feel it overpowering me . I pull down the back of the boxers to watch its journey, fascinated by its speed and beauty. Snapping away I suddenly realise it is about to overshoot the pants ! A quick tug and it hits it’s target, it’s so heavy and warm More follow in hot pursuit until I can wait no longer, that load just has to be sat on. As it smears all over my arse I feel weak with excitement, it’s such a heady feeling as it oozes all over those pants The stench is more powerful than poppers and I am rock hard Finally I get to peel them down and see how far the shit has spread, this is the bit where you wish there was another guy there to enjoy it together ! Hope you like the photos !

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