Drunken Shogun

Katsumaru had been sitting in the tea room and drinking. He was certainly drunk. Walking in the tea room was his third wife Kasumei and he lays on the cushions like a pampered prince. He then felt the need to pee. He got up and started to stumble around to get outside at least. He stood at the corner and starts to lift up his hakama cuff and pull his penis out. Kasumei watched, then intervened before a drop could come out.

“Come on, not there. That’s not a toilet.”

She said while putting his penis away and putting his hakama cuff down. She took his hand and start to lead him on. As she does he makes a weird sound and his hand grabbed his crotch. It was apparent that he really has to go. He then stops a moment to hold himself. She then saw some people walking by and at the same time saw a wet patch formed where his groin was. She then thought and then moves his hand and got up real close to him. Where her body was pressing against his.

She was short compared to him and his groin came up to her belly button. She watched the people go by. She could feel his penis being pressed against her belly. At the same time Katsumaru froze from the position as he could not hold it anymore. Pee starts to come out. His hands held her tight as he struggled. She also froze as she felt the sensation of his pee come out and her clothes getting wet.

“Just give in dear. Let it go.”

She said to him as she didn’t care about him peeing on her. She don’t want him to strain himself to hold it longer. When he heard that he gave up and the pee comes out in full force. She even could hear it wooshing out of his pee hole. Pee trickled down their clothes and started to drip on the floor. But as he’s peeing, she can feel that he felt relaxed as his grip on her loosens. The pee slows down and he felt relieved. She pats and rubs his back.

“We tried. Don’t worry. We can take a shower.”

She said to him. She’d have to admit that it felt great for him to do that on her. Although it was unexpected. She reached to his face and put a hand on his cheek. He put a hand right on her hand and also rubbed her back. He parted to see what damage he had made. She also looks down. His pants were wet and her gown from her belly and down were soaked. Who’d knew he could pee so much in one sitting. It is evident that there was a rather large pee puddle below them.

Together they both start heading to the shower.

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  1. What we need to know is what happened in the shower and if they became regular pissers thereafter.
    I sense several more chapters coming on ??

  2. Very Nice katsu !! I applaud you. Seems you made a piss lover out of both of them. Hope to se more stories in the future!!

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