Drunk wetting my pants & bed on New Years Eve

3 years ago I was in Colorado visiting my aunt for the holidays. My cousin, Jeremy is a chronic bedwetter as I am. So we slept together in the same bed, that way only one wet bed rather than 2. We were celebrating the New Year & the beer flowed freely. It was getting close to midnight & I had already drank 3 -4 cans of beer & was passed out in a chair when Jeremy came by & noticed I was pissing in my khaki pants & he stopped & watched me as I pissed myself from my waist down to my knees. The chair was naugahide so no pee damage was done to it. He got his mom & she took me up to the bathroom & stripped me down & put me in a pair of Jeremy’s green ski style pj’s & put me to bed. Jeremy’s bed had a rubber sheet on it. Around 1230 or so Jeremy came to bed & it was soaked with my beer piss as were the pj’s. There was a huge puddle under me when he got there & you could see the blue rubber sheet through the wet sheet where I had wet. Jeremy was wearing rubber pants as he usually does when he’s been drinking. When the morning got here we were both drenched. There was piss from our pillows down to our ankles. We both had erections & sucked each other off tasting the sweet cum & piss. Of course the next few nights were quite damp each night with wet rubber pants & pj’s. Lots of sucking & cum too.

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