Drove car with mega poop in pants

Last week, I went to do the weekly shop and whilst walking around the supermarket, I had a desperate need to poop. I managed to hold it in and get home and unload the shopping. However when I left the house to drive the car back to where it is garaged, the urge was much worse so I just dropped the lot in my pants. I knew it was a large dump because there was a sizable bulge in pants and it was very soft. However I still got in my car and drove around to the garage. When I sat down on the seat the poop spread up and over my bottom, right up to the waistband and beyond. It oozed forwards over my balls and halfway up my penis. In addition some oozed out the side of the legs onto the top of my thighs. I was a right mess. Getting in and out of the car to park it in the garage just spread it around even more. The poop had oozed through my pants on to the inside on my trousers so when I closed the garage door both my pants and trousers were stuck to my bottom as if they were superglued. I still had to walk about a quarter of a mile to my house and the poop was stone cold by the time I got home. Amazingly I passed nobody on route. I forgot to take a photo before I cleaned myself up but the picture below is the pants before I turned them brown with poop.

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  1. If I have to poop when I’m driving home alone. I just do it in my pants. Car seats are soft and there is little resistance. I live mainly alone, so no one knows. I just hope I don’t get pulled over LOL.

  2. I do it often in my swim trunks as I’m driving, but I have a clear plastic tablecloth I put down over the seats to protect it from poop staining the seats.. If some spills out between my legs or wasteband, it is easy clean-up. I just pull the cover out and put it on the grass then hose it off. About 15 minutes later, it is dry and I can put it back in – ready for the next pants shitting episode – probable a few days later. Yeh, I often wondered what I was going to say or do if I got stopped by a blue uniform. Guess I’ll tell him he scared the shit outta me!

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