Dropped a bomb in my diaper at the hospital

I’ve going back and forth to the hospital for the past week visiting my friend. he hasn’t been able to eat the hospital so I’ve been bringing him arby’s beef and cheddar sandwiches and McDonald’s strawberry and chocolate shakes, egg mcmuffins etc. Unfortunately I’ve been eating that stuff too, not the best o the digestive system and i have had a history of bad experiences with chocolate shakes wreaking havoc on my underwear.

I had no intention of using it but I thought just to be safe i would wear a diaper under my jeans just as a precaution. just my luck while i waiting room i had a horrible cramp and totally lost control. i had just violently and loudly filed my diaper! it was obvious to anyone that some one had messed themselves badly as you could very clearly hear the tel tale noise coming from a diaper being filled. i was so embarrassed i got up before i started to stink to bad and hoped having jeans on keep the smell contained a bit. i made my way to the men’s room to confirm what i already knew. The damage was devastating and there was o way of cleaning up there in the bathroom.

I made a dash as best i coud with a giant load in y diaper for the exit and got to my truck i tried to slide in to my truck so i wouldn’t have shit sliding up y back. but having jeans on there wasn’t much room in front either and could feel mushy poop seeping out the leg holes of my diaper into my jeans. I had a god old fashioned pants pooping going on and i was slipping and sliding around in my diaper and jeans.

by the time i got home my jeans were stained and had a sticky mess to clean up. I just stood there in the bathroom looking in the mirror and admired my work for a moment then gently slid my diaper off and double bagged it showered and told my self no more chocolate shakes!

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