Driving Home

Yesterday I was driving home from work. It was the end of another hot and muggy California summer’s day. My clothes were dusted in dirt and drenched in body sweat. I had been I drinking water all day to combat the heat. Driving threw the canyons I began to feel the “need-to-pee.” All that drinking water had finally caught up with me. Halfway threw the canyon I felt the “need-to-pee” building. I knew that I needed gas. I thought that I would just hold on until reaching a gas station . Ten minutes later, my “need to pee” turned into a “mega need to pee.” Driving down the road I spotted a deserted campground with a bathroom. It was located across the road, down a small hill, and on the other side of a creek. Making that bathroom was now my only option. I needed to pee “now.” I knew that I could never reach the gas station. Hurriedly I found a turn-out and parked the truck. Stepping out of the truck my pee was burning at the tip to just let go. As I waited for some cars to pass, The pressure became so great I could hold back no longer. I uncontrollably dribbled a little pee spurt into my underwear. I looked down to see a little shinny wet spot the size of a quarter form at my penis head. That little dribble of warm pee felt great as it began to seep down my shaft. It felt so good that I became erect. As I walked across the road and down a small hill, I thought about letting go another little pee spurt. I figured “why not, I was now off the road and there was no one in site.” As I thought about how erect peeing in my jeans had made me, I could not resist the temptation. I let go another little warm pee spurt. I watched as my second pee spurt created a larger shinny spot on the surface of my jeans. My new shinny spot momentarily extended from my penis head, down to the bottom of my shaft. As I continued walking down the hill my pee dampened crotch began to cool. The coolness felt great after a long hot sweaty day. By the time I reached the creek that second pee spurt had saturated my underwear at the crotch and began to seep down my inner thighs. On the other side of the creek, the campground’s bathroom was now in site. I knew that I could now take a pee like a civilized person. The question was; “should I?” The creek was shallow and looked easy enough to cross. As I stepped onto the muddy embankment I instantly sank to my knee. I tried pulling my leg out and lost balance. I sank my second leg into the the soft mud to steady myself. The cool wet mud felt great against my hot sweaty legs. Still burning to pee and now stuck in the mud, I did the only thing that I knew would make me happy. I released another very satisfying pee spurt. A fresh flow of warm shinny pee re-saturated my underwear, and flowed down the front of my thighs. I watched as pee started to drip from my soaked crotch onto the soft wet mud. Suddenly, on my side of the creek I heard some hikers headed my way. A little embarrassed, and not wanting to be stared at, I sat down in the soft mud. Sitting there, my backside instantly sank down about 12 inches. Happy that I was now completely hidden from the hiker’s trail. I figured that I would simply relax there deep in the mud until the hikers had passed. After that long hot day, the coolness of the creek’s mud against my backside also felt great. At that point I figured; “screw the bathroom.” The warm pleasure of peeing into my jeans simply took over. As the hikers were passing by me, I just let go. I watched as a long steady stream of warm shinny pee spread across the front of my jeans saturating my underwear. I felt my warm wet pee flowing downward, filling my crotch and backside. When I could no longer hear the hikers, I rolled over onto my stomach. The warm pee that had puddled at my backside, now flowed back over my legs. I slowly made my way crawling on my hands and knees in the soft wet mud toward the center of the creek. Each time I moved forward, my arms sank to my elbows and my knees sank past my crotch. I basically had to drag myself in the mud to the water’s edge. Reaching the creeks moving water, I was completely soaked in mud from the neck down. The creek was about two feet deep with a gravelly bottom. I sat back into the clear streaming water submerging my jeans and shirt. The water was so refreshing I laid back to fully soak my body. Submerged in the stream, my jeans and long sleeved shirt softly flapped against my skin. It was euphoric. I laid there soaking in the cool water for an hour. The moving current washed away most or all of the mud and pee that was soaked into my clothes. Fully refreshed and dripping wet I walked a nearby hiking trail to help dry my clothes out. By the time I reached the road I was damp dryAt the truck, I looked back at the campground’s bathroom, very happy that I never made it.

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