Driving home from work

I was driving home from work after a 9 hour shift I’ve always been tempted to poop my pants in public there’s something so fifty but it that turns me on! I’ve never done this but had a partner that was willing it was such a turn on tell her my secret! So I was driving home and thought I’d do it! Teasing my pushing stopping then slowly let it happen I was so turn on as I was sitting in traffic people walking past not knowing what I was doing I could fell pre cum leaking from my hard penis! I drove home so hard to then find the next door neighbor out waiting to talk to me I was so terrified to get out the car as I did keeping my distance I started to cum in embarrassment as I was talking to her!!!! Tell me what u think

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  1. I have never heard of anybody cumming from embarrassment. I think it was all part of your excitement. Glad you enjoyed it, though.
    Are you going to try it again? Perhaps walking along the street?
    If you do, write and tell us all about it.

  2. Trust me it happen! Bit worrying it was my next door neighbor! I’ll try that and let you know

  3. I drive through ghetto areas. If i’m stick in traffic and have to poop, I’m not stopping there. I just do it in my pants.

  4. I never heard of that either! I’ll bet your poop in your pants made you so hot the cum was just naturally dripping out. This happens to me sometimes when I poop my pants but more likely to happen just before I enter a pussy to fuck!

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