Driving home from work

Earlier this year I was working on a building site that had a disgusting portable toilet that I refused to poop in. I started work a 7:00 in the morning and by 8:00 I could already feel my bowels moving, I went to the toilet but couldn’t bring myself to poop on a toilet that disgusting, so I decided that I would have to hold on till I finished work at 4:00. By the time lunch came around I no longer needed to poop and without any thought, I bought a Red Bull and a pack of M&M’s. So I drank my Red Bull and ate my M&M’s and just after I got back to work the urge to poop came on very strong, I managed to hold it back till 3:30 when a tiny bit escaped, luckily there was no smell so I got back on with my work. 4:00 finally rolled around and I quickly packed up my equipment and left. I was trying to make it home to relieve myself but about 5 minutes from my house I couldn’t hold it anymore, A grapefruit sized poop with the consistency of porridge flowed into my undies. The poop went all up my crack and took ages to clean up.

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  1. I feel sure the clean up was well worth it for the feeling of soft poop spreading all over your bum and balls.

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