Driving home

Ah the illicit act of pooing one’s briefs while driving, what a feeling!
I was driving home from a friend’s house after a heavy weekend of film watching, drinking and eating all manor of unhealthy snacks. He lives in Essex and I in Devon, so the journey home was a four hour drive. Usually when I make the trip I pass the time listening to an array of CDs, but on this occasion I thought I would try something different. I lifted my behind from the driving seat and started to push. At first there was nothing but I expected that as I didn’t need to go to the toilet, but I had plenty of time to coax my bowels.
Throughout the drive I continued to periodically raise myself up and push.
Eventually a small amount of poo began to form and I nurtured it’s birth into the gusset of my underwear. I sensed by the feel that it had broached my buttocks and was out and ready to be squashed against my bum cheeks.
Given that I was driving, the time between first push and pooing my pants took about 45 minutes to an hour, but after that initial lump, the rest was plain sailing.
My bowels gave up their contents and I could feel the warmth of my poo filling my briefs.
By this point my cock was as hard as rock which actually was quite uncomfortable in my jeans and all the pushing had made me want to pee. Peeing myself was not an option (it’s less containainable) so I knew I’d have to pull over. Fortunately I was only a few miles from a service station, but I had underwear full of poo…so what could I do? I’d never ventured out in public with a load in my briefs so I was a bit nervous but I needed to pee!
What the hell…so I got out of the car, feeling the warmth of the shot in my parts and started toward the services. No one noticed a thing! Fortunately it was quite solid and not too smelly so I got away with my first public outing in poo-filled pants.
When I arrived home it was to an empty house and throughout the remainder of the journey, I’d continued to push small pieces out into my underwear.
Seizing the opportunity I went upstairs into the bathroom too see the results of my efforts, which until this point (visually at least) had been denied to me. My pants were full! I felt so horny I pulled my cock out there and then and pleasured myself while rubbing the underside of my briefs.
One hugely intense orgasm later and I knew that this had been the best briefs pooing experience I’d ever had.

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  1. That is a wonderful description of doing a poo whilst driving. I hate the idea of peeing with a firm load in my pants. It simply spoils it. Certainly brightens up boring drives.

  2. I’ve often wondered when I encounter back ups on our various freeways, usually due to accidents that can back up traffic on our rural freeways for at least a couple of miles with no other roads accessible and no services, just how many people in all those cars end up with wet pants or even end up pooping their pants. When I’ve been sitting in traffic next to a lovely lady in the next car, I wonder if she’s feeling any bladder or bowel pressure and how close she might be to losing it in her pants. Welcome to my mind! I’ve not had that happen to me as yet since we don’t take long trips and haven’t gotten caught in any back ups but there is always a chance. Since my wife and I are older and she has issues of stress incontinence occasionally and I have an enlarged prostate which causes urgency issues, I keep a couple of empty Gatorade bottles in the car in case we get in one of those “parking lot” back ups we can at least pee. I don’t really want to shampoo car seats! But I keep a couple of waste basket plastic liners in the glove box also in case one or both of us in that situation have an unexpected urge to poop so that will protect the seat if we can’t hold it. My wife told me a couple of months ago that a couple of times when driving home from town she had a poop urgency and wasn’t sure she’d make it though she did. I told her to not worry about it, use the plastic bag to sit on. Clothes will wash and I would never criticize her if she messes her pants. Holding it back puts a tremendous stress on your anal tissues and can bring on hemorrhoids which are nasty to deal with. Sounds like a good excuse to poop one’s pants, eh?

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