Driving accident

I was driving home from the beach today and the urge to pee came on pretty suddenly when I was about a half an hour from the hotel and no more rest areas on the freeway. When I couldn’t hold it anymore, I grabbed a big wad of paper towelling and shoved it in my shorts and just let it all go. Worked pretty well as a sort of diaper, the release was such a wonderful feeling and my warm pee felt good between my legs. Just glad no one was in the elevator at the hotel.

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  1. One time when i was bored I was driving around aimlessly after hanging out with friends, we went to see a movie and i had a giant cup of HI-C that time and i had an already wet diaper on and since i was alone i figured i would just pee as i drove and my diaper ended up leaking a few drops on the crotch of my jeans. It was all good though cause it wasn’t too much pee on my clothes. I ended up wearing the same jeans the next day without washing them and i could only smell the pee if i held them close to my nose

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