My boyfriend was sleeping in the seat beside me and I was driving. As I drove on the urge to pee grew worse and worse. I wiggled and squirmed doing anything to keep my mind off of it. As we rounded the sixth hour I was so desperate I couldn’t drive. So I switched with my bf and got in the passenger seat. I knew I need to keep m mind off my aching vagina so I decided to go to sleep. I slept for 1 hour. Leaving 3 hours to go. I can do this. But as soon as I woke up it was downhill from there. The instant I wake up to my bf’s finger onmy clit and he is focusing on the road. I try to tell him he can’t do that or I’ll pee but it feels so good he is rubbing it. I get an orgasm and fight off the sensation to pee right there the urge is so overwhelming my entire body shakes and I have to clamp my finger over my pee hole to keep from peing. Once he is done I keep his hand pressed against my vagina and cross my legs using my hand to press his hand firmly against it. The urge is always there but overwhelming waves of pressure and pain come frequently and I have to thrust his finger in my pee hole staunch the pee from escaping. Eventually the pain is so ins tense that I move into the backseat and lay down keeping my finger jammed in my pee hole. Laying down reduces the urge and I can manage by crossing my legs only. Until my bf hits a bump and I release a spurt of pee moaning as it leaves my body. As fast as I can I jam my hand into my vagina through my jeans.

I’m staring to think I’m not go. A be able to make it there is still an hour and 45 minutes left and I am desperate already. I think it’s as bad as it can get. I’m wrong. We get stuck behind a wreck and are completely stopped the officer says to get comfortable because it could be an hour or two before we get back in the road. I’m exhausted from holding my pee and I can barely hold It so my bf comes and jams his fingers in my pussy to hold my piss. Damn he says… Yourso full of piss you stomach fucking bulging. I look down and sure enough I’m. Moated from holdin so much pee. This turns I’m on and he whips down his pants and shoves his dick in my pussy. Thrusting in really deep deeper than normal. I grap his dick and jam it in m pee hole to keep from peeing during my multiple orgasms. He starts sucking on my clit and I have to jam his face in my pussy not to pee.

I end up having to tell him to stop because I have to pee so bad. He tries to massage my stomach but that only puts more pressure on my bladder. My pussy aches from the physical strength it takes to old in that much piss. My bf somehow gets me to fall asleep and I wake up just in time for the last 30 minutes of the car ride. My stomach hurts so bad I am balling and he has a hole fist jammed in my pussy to keep my piss from exploding out of me. Finally we reach our cabin. But the parking lot is a five minute walk from it. He carries me with his finger in my pants pushed up agai ts my pee hole. When we finally reach the cabin he carries me in and sets me on the bed then he undoes his pants and shoves his dick so far into my pussy I squirt. He cums all over me and I am still writhing in pain from not peein yet. I decide to see how long I can hold it while we have wonderful sex. I make it through 7 orgasms before I lose it and te him I’m gonna pee I jam my finger in my pee hole and he runs to get a pother…. He wants to see how long I will pee. I sit with my legs spread wide ontop of the picture and remove mY finger. Immediately I gush out pee. I end up over flowing the pitcher and flooding the bed with pee. Then me and my bf had some more wonderful sex in it and we showered (had some nice shower sex)and slept on the couch

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