Drinking game ?

Actually the other end of the pipeline. Just an idea I`ve been kicking around, suggestions and improvements appreciated. The more players, the more beverages, the better. First thing is to pick a designated outfit. Something thick and absorbant, denim or sweats better than spandex. Big and baggy enough to fit all the players. Maybe a hoodie? Perhaps already soiled to some degree. Next thing is to pick a starting player. Could be by vote, dice, draw cards, spin the bottle. Selected player puts on the outfit, and we wait… Eventually somebody`s bladder will be full, then the game begins. The full bladder gets emptied onto the designated outfit, and whoever is wearing it at the moment. Aim where you like, write your name. Only then does the wearer get to take off the outfit, and the pisser must put it on. And wait for the next full bladder to use them as a target. Some players will be eager to wear the wet outfit, others may exhibit desperation to avoid the experience. How does the game end? Don`t know. Empty cooler?

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  1. YEAH!!!! Empty cooler sounds real good. BW2

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