hi guys here is a complete safe topic for what ever you wish
share whatever but try to be nice
come on guys please share anything at all

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  1. I often ‘dream’ about struggling while trying to find a bathroom!!!! This usually happens when I go to bed after drinking a lot. I haven’t wet the bed on accident but have woken many times REALLY desperate!!!! Sometimes I notice that I’ve leaked in my speedos (my normal everyday underwear). Other times I scurried to the toilet and started peeing before I get there or moved my speedos aside!! If I’ve lost enough this way I’ll just sit on the toilet with my speedos on and pee in them!!! A quick shower with the speedos, dry off and slip another favorite pair on and back to bed!! ‘Gee, I hope I don’t wet these”………………..or do!!!

  2. I’ve had dreams of being with a friend of mine, just chilling out, sat on my lap in an evening before she begins letting some farts out and wriggling her ass in my lap, we both know we like a bit of naughty, kinky messy fun. Give her ass a squeeze, wriggling more and she starts pushing out a large soft load in her panties, squashing that mess around, pulling my boxers down, sitting back down and squashing, smearing that big softening mess over my crotch, we then carry on getting naughtier and filthier…

  3. Need someone to talk to I haven’t really gotten into this yet I would love to try it all though Zend me a message back I’m real and would love to exchange numbers

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